summer games

  1. Television

    Gold-medal volleyball match will be American affair

    With the gold-medal match a day away, it has already been determined that the United States teams will get gold and silver. But...
  2. Television

    Ann Romney's horse competes at the Olympics

    The wife of the presidential candidate is in London cheering on her horse in the equestrian competition. If the horse stays in,...
  3. Television

    Gabby Douglas' mom: Shut up about my daughter's hair

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    Gabby Douglas is having the time of her life at the Olympics, so why are people focusing on her hair? Her mom, Natalie Hawkins,...
  4. Television

    7 Cameroon athletes go missing from the Olympics

    The head of Team Cameroon is confirming the rumors that the Games have "lost" seven members of the African country's Olympic team.
  5. Television

    3 Olympians who faced money problems on the way to gold

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    Gabby Douglas' mother is thrilled that her daughter won two Olympic gold medals. The road to the Olympics wasn't always so easy,...
  6. Movies

    Olympic commercials: As emotionally charged as the games

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    Where Super Bowl commercials hit a more comedic note by speaking to our inner beer-drinking, chip-eating slacker, Olympic...
  7. Television

    Judo bronze medal winner punches drunk fan in crowd

    Dutch bronze-medal winner Edith Bosch may have been at the right place at the right time. When a man threw a bottle onto the track...
  8. Celebrity Gossip

    Olympic ink: Misty May-Treanor and other athlete tattoos

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    Love ink? Then you'll love the tattoos of some of our favorite Olympic athletes. Which is your favorite?
  9. Celebrity Gossip

    Man Candy Mondays: Jake Gibb and Sean Rosenthal

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    That ultra-memorable scene in Top Gun, when the guys are all playing sand volleyball wearing tight jeans and that's about it, is a...
  10. Entertainment

    Meet Olympian Kellie Wells: From hurdles to high fashion

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    U.S. Track and Field star Kellie Wells is getting a second chance at gold. Meet this year’s Olympic hurdler and find out what...
  11. Television

    For Olympian Gabby Douglas, life will never be the same

    For a 16-year-old gold medal winner, how does life change? For Gabby Douglas, it means not only endorsement deals but also being...
  12. Television

    William and Harry are enjoying London games, family bonding

    The princes talk about how proud they are of their country and their family. And how none of them knew Queen Elizabeth II was...
  13. Television

    NBC loses Twitter war, but they're OK with that

    NBC has taken some bashing over social media and their decision to delay Olympic broadcasts until primetime. But the ratings have...
  14. Television

    Where is Olympic triple jumper Phillips Idowu?

    The same day U.K.'s The Globe and Mail named Phillips Idowu among the six athletes to watch at the Olympics (along with the likes of...
  15. Television

    Olympic ratings gold: The Ryan Lochte Effect?

    Even NBC has been floored by the ratings for the London Olympics. Everything from the opening ceremony to the 400-meter showdown...
  16. Celebrity Gossip

    Ryan Lochte's one-night stands? Dear mom got it twisted

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    Ryan Lochte wants the ladies of the world to know that despite what his mom said, he's no wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am kind of player....
  17. Crafts

    Olympic inspired crafts: Pinterest edition

    The Olympics are here and that means one more thing we can draw inspiration from when it comes to crafting. These Pinterest-inspired...
  18. Television

    Did NBC bring Hoda Kotb to London because of bad ratings?

    There was a report that Kotb's trip to London was an emergency necessitated by bad ratings, but NBC said that couldn't be further...
  19. Tips & Advice

    Balancing motherhood and the Olympics

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    The London 2012 Olympic Games are set to begin on Friday, July 27, 2012. Many of the women who are participating in the Summer Games...
  20. Television

    Ryan Bailey: 1 reason to plunge into men's water polo

    Sure, it's played in a pool... but men's water polo is a far cry from a leisurely round of Marco Polo. See why we think more people...