summer games

  1. Fashion & Style

    Spice Girls' Olympics closing ceremony fashion: The glitter, glam and those cabs!

    We'd like to thank the Olympics committee for making our childhood dreams come true. Seriously. Last night, every 20 something's...
  2. Television

    Closing Ceremony a success: "Britain, we did it right"

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    The ceremony was everything it promised to be, with plenty of British pop music and oozing with British culture. With the 2012...
  3. Hair

    Hairstyles for athletes: Best hairstyles for breaking a sweat

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    Yes, that's Serena Williams! Keith Campbell, who is known to give her locks some love, offered SheKnows a few pointers on hair care...
  4. Television

    U.S. women win basketball gold

    The United States Olympic basketball team pulled out another victory today. But it's not quite the shocker we have seen in some...
  5. Television

    Bruce Jenner didn't have any Olympic Village sex

    With all of the stories of the sex happening in the Olympic Village, how did the Kardashian sisters' stepfather deal with it during...
  6. Hair

    Go gold with a master colorist (and more winning beauty tips!)

    After two weeks of rounding up patriotic fashions, Olympic-inspired must-have products and our favorite fashion designers from...
  7. Television

    Is Ryan Lochte the next Bachelor ?

    Given his morning TV appearances in the past few days, Ryan Lochte is almost certainly dipping his foot in the reality TV pool....
  8. Fashion & Style

    Ask Luke Reichle: How to medal in the Back to School Style Olympics

    Girls around the world have been jamming up bandwidth all summer long as they vlog their back to school hauls. It’s been like an...
  9. Television

    Women's team sports dominate the day at the Olympics

    It was a good day for U.S. women at the Olympics. Both the soccer and water polo teams had hard-fought battles, but both ended up...
  10. Television

    Which British acts will be at the Closing Ceremonies?

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    We are just a few short days away from the end of the 2012 Summer Games. But before it ends, the Closing Ceremony has to be the...
  11. Television

    Misty May-Treanor reflects on her Olympic gold win

    Misty May-Treanor is causing a stir on the court for her skills and her prominent tattoo. Sounds like she's riding high right now,...
  12. Television

    Ryan Lochte pees gold

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    Ryan Lochte most definitely thinks it's okay to pee in the pool. He's even taking his mission worldwide with a new book and...
  13. Television

    Ann Curry's awkward 1st appearance on Today set since firing

    There was a chill in London Thursday morning, emanating from the temporary set built for Today 's coverage of the Summer Games....
  14. Television

    Who is that woman on Ryan Lochte's lap?

    The swimmer was caught headed out for a night on the town with an unidentified girl on his lap. Did he follow Michael Phelps to the...
  15. Television

    Colbert intends to choose Romney's running mate

    Wikipedia is the encyclopedia of the new generation. But when you mix wikipedia, a presidential nominee and Stephen Colbert,...
  16. Television

    Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte: TV stars?

    Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps are hot commodities right now and are looking towards what is next. For both swimmers, the...
  17. Television

    Beach volleyball spoiler alert: Which Americans won the gold?

    We knew the American team would win, but did the returning champs or the underdogs take home the gold?
  18. Television

    Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells throw shade on Lolo Jones

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    Team USA track and field medal winners Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells are so not amused by the attention their non-medaling team mate...
  19. Television

    Tearful Lolo Jones: I'm not the Anna Kournikova of track!

    After a disappointing fourth-place finish in the 100-meter hurdles, Lolo Jones got teary-eyed Wednesday on NBC's Today show, when...
  20. Entertainment

    Dominique Moceanu: Life after the Olympics

    The gold-medal gymnast is all grown up now, and couldn’t be prouder of the current U.S. team. She shares her life after the Olympics...