1. Dogs

    10 Perfect pictures of dogs wearing sunglasses

    These dogs aren't letting the sun get in the way of their good times. They're too cool for school, but they're definitely ready for...
  2. Workouts

    My empowering experience with stand up paddleboard yoga

    I've taken some yoga classes, but I'm certainly no yogi. However, I'm always up for ways to make fitness fun. So, when I heard about...
  3. Living

    This DIY terrarium will make summer downtime so much more fun

    My guide to building a terrarium will give you an afternoon of fun and a beautiful finished project to go with it.
  4. Health & Wellness

    5 Fun ways to stay hydrated this summer

    Wiping that sweat off your brow in the elevator isn't a good look for anyone. But let's face it, it's hot, hot, hot out there.
  5. Food & Recipes

    8 Fruits and veggies you should stock up on in the summertime

    Paparazzi, get your cameras ready. There is a new crop of stars on the rise. No, it is not the young Kardashian sisters. It's (drum...
  6. Food & Recipes

    No-fuss summertime treats

    No-cook, no-bake, no-fuss recipes from QVC’s Resident Foodie and Cookbook Author David Venable.
  7. Parenting

    Tips to stop summer sibling spats

    If FIFA can ban the World Cup’s most talked about player to curb this ridiculous and toddler-esque behavior, then surely we as...
  8. How-Tos

    Safety tips for boating with kids

    Summer is boating season, and parents do not have to miss out on the fun, whether the trip is hours or days long. Here’s how to keep...
  9. Food & Recipes

    4 Healthy BBQ snack swaps

    If you have worked hard all year to get ready for bathing suit season, here are four healthy swaps that will keep your waistlines...
  10. Family Fun

    5 Active family ideas for your summer vacation

    Active vacations are a popular choice for families who like spending their time on the go. From roaming the nation's national parks...
  11. Fashion & Style

    Bold and stylish summer accessories

    No need to purchase a million-dollar dress this summer when you've got bold and stylish accessories to amp up your wardrobe. Turn an...
  12. Living

    Sunshiny reasons to be glad it's summer, according to science

    Subjective opinions are in, and it turns out that summer completely rocks. But why? Here are seven scientific reasons why summer is...
  13. Dogs

    These dogs are ready to hit the beach hard

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    Dogs dressed up are adorable. But dogs dressed for the beach are priceless. Check out this collection of pictures of cute beach...
  14. Living

    12 Small but revolutionary daily delights

    These simple delights may not sound like a big deal, but for a woman in need of summer relaxation, they're absolutely revolutionary.
  15. Drink Recipes

    21-and-over root beer floats with boozy ice cream

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    Homemade ice cream is spiked with root beer-flavored liqueur and served in a soda float for one delicious adults-only drink.
  16. Fashion & Style

    Chic and comfortable summer sandals

    Summer is here. That means we can finally release our feet from the shackles of heavy boots and socks and allow them to see the sun...
  17. Living

    Get inspired by these creative summer party ideas

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    Summer is the perfect time to throw an out-of-this-world bash. After all, the days are longer, the weather is warmer and schedules...
  18. How-Tos

    How to make your summer plans actually happen

    It’s easy to make big summer plans, but not so easy to actually bring those plans into fruition. Life gets in the way. Road trips...
  19. Organizing

    Turning off the heat: Cleaning tips for the grill

    As summer begins to wind down, now is a good time to consider storing away those seasonal objects and appliances you will no longer...