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  1. Kitchen & Cooking Tips

    In a pickle: What to do if you're out of an ingredient

    Running to the store at the last-minute because you forgot an ingredient definitely takes the joy out of cooking. Next time this...
  2. Nutrition & Diet Tips

    Cooking substitutions to keep New Year’s diet resolutions

    The reason we always fail on our diet-related New Year's resolutions is simple — we're trying to force ourselves to eat food we...
  3. Kitchen & Cooking Tips

    In a pickle: What to do if you’re out of eggs

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    It’s happened to all of us: We’re in the middle of making a recipe when we realize we’re out of a key ingredient. But don’t panic if...
  4. Healthy Recipes & Nutrition

    10 Healthy recipe substitutions

    No one can resist the temptation of a sinful dessert and, although it is not a sin to indulge, it may put your health at risk. When...
  5. SheKnows TV: Delicious Life Challenge

    Eat this, not that

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    If you're cutting calories to lose weight, restaurant meals can undo your best intentions. Giant portion sizes, hidden calories, and...