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  1. Fashion & Style

    Red and green looks that don't go overboard

    The most iconic holiday hues — red and green — don’t have to be tacky. In fact, they can actually be pretty stylish. Don’t believe...
  2. Fashion & Style

    Cinch it: 5 Easy ways to define your waist

    Want to look like you’ve lost an inch or two without hitting the gym or even breaking a sweat? Do something to define your waist....
  3. Fashion & Style

    1 Dress 3 ways: Office party, date night, holiday dinner

    Dressing up for various holiday events, from office parties to dinner dates, can get pricey. If you want to save this holiday season...
  4. Fashion & Style

    Anya says: What every woman should know about dressing skinny

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    Hollywood knows that you can dress yourself to appear thinner with a few simple tricks. Here's what every woman should know, but no...
  5. Fashion & Style

    Get out of your style comfort zone: 5 Ways to switch things up

    It can be surprisingly easy to get into a style rut. We like what we like and end up buying and wearing variations of the same...
  6. Fashion & Style

    5 Belts every girl should own

    When it comes to styling, the icing on every fabulous ensemble is the accessories that adorn it. With fall officially here, it’s all...
  7. Fashion & Style

    3 Stylish Thanksgiving Day outfits

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    Contemplating what to wear to your feast this Thanksgiving? We put together three outfits that will make you stand out (and look...
  8. Décor & Style

    How to personalize your home decor

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    You've customized the ringtone on your cell phone, the profile on your Facebook page and the screen saver on your laptop -- all to...
  9. Fashion & Style

    How to French-ify your fashion

    I am a true Francophile. When visiting, I trawl the flea markets in the wee hours of the morning and indulge in dreamy gastronomic...
  10. Skin Care

    Everyday work to nighttime glam

    Check out our beauty tips to take your daily makeup routine from day to night — you'll be ready for any happy hour or night out on...
  11. Fashion & Style

    Summer trend for fall: Maxis with denim

    Maxi dresses are one of the best summer items we can think of — they’re cute, comfortable and work in tons of style...
  12. Fashion & Style

    Helping teens find their fashion sense

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    We all have one — that dreaded yearbook photo featuring braces, fluffy bangs, a bad perm and a tie-dye T-shirt. The teen...
  13. How-Tos

    How to find the best pair of pants for your body type

    Khakis and skinnies and flares, oh my! Choosing the right style of pants for your body type can be frustrating. You want something...
  14. Fashion & Style

    Why you need to wear white after Labor Day

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    Just because you heard from your sister, who heard from your mom, who heard it from her mom, who heard it from Jackie O. that...
  15. Fashion & Style

    Tips for adding color to any outfit

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    Whether you’re obsessed with loud hues or typically shy away from bright shades, incorporating a subtle pop of color into your...
  16. Fashion & Style

    Fun pops of color for everyday wear

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    Isn’t it about time you switched up your everyday look? We certainly think so! Color yourself happy this summer in soft shades of...
  17. Fashion & Style

    No-fuss ways to pull off a casual look

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    No matter how cute your outfit is, if you can’t sit down in it or if it’s at all uncomfortable, it’s not worth wearing. Luckily, you...
  18. Skin Care

    What's in your summer weekend bag?

    Summer is all about long weekends at the beach -- but are your prepared? Check out some of our beach bag must-haves!
  19. Skincare

    7 Summer style essentials

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    Add some sunshine to your wardrobe with our top picks for summer style essentials.
  20. Skincare

    Color trends: The hottest shades of summer

    Bright colors are the hottest shades of summer this year. Unleash a kaleidoscope of color on your wardrobe and you’ll be dressed to...