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  1. Fashion & Style

    The right shade of gray for your skin tone

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    Gray is a color that never seems to go out of style. But not every shade of this timeless hue works for every skin type. We’re...
  2. Fashion Accessories

    Accessorizing tips for fashion newbies

    When you're new to fashion, it can be hard to figure out which accessories are worth adding to your wardrobe. We've put together the...
  3. Fashion News & Trends

    The most flattering pattern for every body shape

    Not every pattern works on every body type. But when you know what looks good, putting together a flattering outfit is a snap. We've...
  4. Fashion News & Trends

    25 Dazzling jewelry finds under $25

    Sometimes it's the little gems that make the biggest statement in an outfit. Ahead, we rounded up our 25 favorite jewelry finds. And...
  5. Fashion News & Trends

    Pretty in plum: How to rock it from top to toe

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    Plum, that elegant shade of purple with a deeper, richer twist, is one of this season’s must-have hues. Not sure how to wear it?...
  6. Winter Fashion

    How to find the best holiday dress for your body

    With the holidays fast-approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to wear to all of those cocktail parties,...
  7. Fashion Accessories

    Accessorizing tips to balance your jewelry

    We all love our jewels and baubles — but too much can look like overkill very quickly. The secret is to balance your jewels and...
  8. Shopping Online

    Etsy shops we love: Rusty Cuts

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    Judith the designer of Rusty Cuts, has taken handmade clothes to a whole new level. Using materials like old pillow cases and...
  9. Shopping for Beauty & Fashion

    10 Things to invest in for fall

    Whether you’re going to a family get-together, a Saturday-night party or just to the office, you should be able to pull out one of...
  10. Fashion News & Trends

    From the kitchen to the table in five easy steps

    When it comes to hosting holiday dinner, between chopping, cleaning, prepping, basting a turkey and setting the table, there’s not...
  11. Fall Fashion

    Shop our editors' fall fashion must-haves now

    SheKnows recently partnered with Zulily, a flash sale site dedicated to helping moms break their style stereotype, to bring you some...
  12. Fall Fashion

    Slimming denim looks for fall

    A great pair of jeans isn't complete without a well thought-out outfit to make the look slim and trim.
  13. Fashion News & Trends

    Flaunt those florals!

    With floral fashion in full bloom on the runways, how should you transition the trend into real life? Here's everything you need to...
  14. Fashion News & Trends

    10 New color-blocking combos we love

    Sport new color-blocking mixes this fall with these 10 new ideas.
  15. Fashion News & Trends

    10 Summer trends to mix into fall fashions

    Don't pack up your summer wear just yet! Here are 10 ways to carry summer clothes into your ideal fall wardrobe.
  16. Fashion News & Trends

    Fall runway trends you'll actually wear

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    Here's how to actually wear what you see strut down the runway.
  17. Fashion News & Trends

    Breaking the rules of plus-size fashion

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    As a big girl, it can be easy to get stuck in ruts, wearing unshapely clothes or settling for what the mainstream stores deem...
  18. Fall Fashion

    Stylist tips for building a fall wardrobe by body type

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    Not sure where to start when it comes to shopping for a new fall wardrobe? Fear not! We're sharing some expert advice for what to...
  19. Summer Fashion

    Maxi dresses with heels: Can you or can't you?

    Want to wear a maxi dress with heels? The trend can be trickier than you think. But fear not. We have the scoop on how to make the...
  20. Fashion Accessories

    Accessories that instantly make you look smarter

    From power pumps to structured bags, there are some accessories that just make you look, well… smart! See how many of these you...