strawberry recipes

  1. Family Recipes

    Strawberry and lemon make your pancakes sing

    Celebrate the arrival of spring with these fluffy, sweet and bright pancakes topped with a slightly sweet, tangy strawberry-lemon curd.
  2. Spring Recipes

    Chocolate "carrot" strawberries are sweeter than the real thing

    Everyone loves chocolate-dipped strawberries, but they'll really go crazy for these strawberries that look like fat little spring...
  3. Food & Recipes

    8 Easy romantic desserts you can make with frozen fruit

    End dinner on a sweet note with one of these romantic desserts.
  4. Dessert Recipes

    Chocolate and berries, a match made in heaven

    Chocolate and berries make one of the most romantic food pairings and the ultimate treat for Valentine's Day.
  5. Winter Recipes

    Over-the-top chocolate strawberry Valentine's Day cake

    I can't have Valentine's Day in my house without a pretty pink dessert, much to my husband's chagrin. But I finally think I won him...
  6. Dessert Recipes

    Milk-free strawberry gelato

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    One of the things we would like to do is sit down in a cafe in Italy with a gelato in our hands. With minimal ingredients, you can...
  7. Baking

    Strawberry clafouti

    Red, plump, sweet strawberries can replace the classic cherries in this popular French dessert. You will love it just the same!
  8. Entertaining Menus & Recipes

    Roasted strawberry, honey & balsamic shooters

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    If you've never had a balsamic roasted strawberry, you haven't lived, at least in our book. The sweetness of the berry pairs with...
  9. Dessert Recipes

    Chilled strawberry soup

    What better way to enjoy your strawberries then to liquefy them and chill them? Then you can slurp and enjoy!
  10. Drink Recipes

    Watermelon and strawberry lemonade

    Sip the summer away! Fresh watermelon and strawberries are added to classic lemonade to create the new summer beverage. It's light...
  11. Dessert Recipes

    Strawberry tiramisu

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    Turn the classic Italian dessert to something fruity and lighter. Strawberries give it a new summery life!
  12. Gluten Free Recipes

    Gluten-free strawberry shortcakes

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    These lightly sweet, super-flaky gluten-free shortcakes, filled with fresh whipped cream and strawberry slices, make the best of the...
  13. Dessert Recipes

    Old-fashioned strawberry and mint shortcake

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    Strawberry and mint are the perfect combination. Slightly sweet with a burst of fresh flavor. Paired with old-fashioned shortcake...
  14. Healthy Recipes & Nutrition

    Strawberry avocado salad with poppy seed dressing

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    Fresh sliced strawberries, avocado and fresh greens are combined with a sweet poppy seed dressing for a salad your whole family will...
  15. Breakfast & Brunch Recipes

    Balsamic-roasted strawberry parfaits

    Strawberries roasted in balsamic vinegar and black pepper give these yogurt parfaits a savory twist.
  16. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Roasted strawberry hot fudge milkshake

    Why make a regular strawberry milkshake? Change things up by roasting the strawberries for added flavor.
  17. Spring Recipes

    Strawberry deviled eggs

    These cute little strawberries are covered in white chocolate and filled with a sweet cream cheese to look just like deviled eggs!
  18. Natural & Raw Recipes

    Meatless Monday: Spinach salad with avocados and strawberries

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    Avocados are all around us these days! Toss them in a salad with fresh fruit and a sweet-and-tangy dressing for a great, light meal.
  19. Wine & Drink Recipes

    Strawberry beer sorbet

    Beer can pair with all kinds of flavors, even sweets. This strawberry sorbet recipe includes plenty of beer for a unique but...
  20. Quick Meal Ideas

    Balsamic strawberry and goat cheese flatbread recipe

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    In this recipe we take premade flatbread and pile it high with fresh goat cheese, plump strawberries and fresh baby spinach and top...