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    Monday is Dome Day! Under the Dome dish sesh

    Gather 'round, Under the Dome fans, for a little UTD dish sesh! We are cray-cray about the show that gave us another apocalyptic...
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    The Lone Ranger bombs: Is the small screen the new big screen?

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    Uh-oh. Disney’s $225 million The Lone Ranger earned just under a dismal $50 million over the holiday weekend. Movie nosedives like...
  3. Television

    Under the Dome : TV that is pushing (ripping?) the envelope

    Tonight’s premiere of Under the Dome , where residents of a town become trapped under an impenetrable dome, joins the company of...
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    Spielberg is turning Kubrick's Napoleon film into a miniseries

    Spielberg is finishing (and expanding) his hero's work.
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    Jurassic Park producer won't return for new sequel

    It's been two decades since the release of Jurassic Park , and people are still interested in the franchise. Steven Spielberg has...
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    Golden Globes crystal ball: Our 2013 winner predictions

    SheKnows looks into our crystal ball to find our favorites to win at the 2013 Golden Globes.
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    Spielberg hasn't given up on Robopocalypse just yet

    Robopocalypse is a highly ambitious novel. Steven Spielberg's taking it upon himself to bring it to life. After years of waiting,...
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    Ben Affleck battles Spielberg for his first DGA award

    The 65th Annual Director's Guild of America announces its nominees for Outstanding Directorial Achievement: Spielberg grabs his...
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    2013 Golden Globes: The nominees respond

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    It’s Hollywood’s favorite time of year – awards season! From shock to overwhelming gratitude, find out how celebrities reacted to...
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    Sally Field "fought like holy hell" for Lincoln

    Even Sally Field worried she was too old for the role of Mary Todd Lincoln. But she was willing to go to the mat for it.
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    Steven Spielberg rules himself out as director of Star Wars

    The director could have any project he wants, but he knows he is not the right person for this job.
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    Anne Hathaway confirms sci-fi gig in Robopocalypse

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    Anne Hathaway is taking the sci-fi plunge. The Oscar-nominated actress has finally addressed those Robopocalypse rumors....
  13. Celebrity Gossip

    Sally Field gained 25 pounds to win Lincoln role

    The 66-year-old actress had a lot going against her when fighting for the role of Mary Todd Lincoln. But once she convinced Steven...
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    Veterans Day-worthy flicks

    From the patriotic heroism to the harsh dilemmas and aftermath of war to everything in between, here's a list of movies to consider...
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    Lincoln movie review: A complex man is brought to light

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    Taking place in the final months of the 16th president’s term in office, Lincoln provides a window into this complicated, somber...
  16. Celebrity Gossip

    Steven Spielberg to speak at Gettysburg memorial

    The Lincoln biopic will be out in November, the same month the 16th president gave his famous Gettysburg Address. Steven Spielberg...
  17. Celebrity Gossip

    Steven Spielberg opens up about his fight with dyslexia

    Steven Spielberg has decided to talk about the battle with dyslexia he has struggled with his whole life, and how it has made him a...
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    E.T. : Still a tearjerker after 30 years

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    Go retro this Halloween season and show your kids what made you want to phone home with E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial , new out on...
  19. Entertainment

    Anne Hathaway up for Spielberg's Robopocalypse

    Thor and Catwoman in the same film? According to an exclusive report, Anne Hathaway and Chris Hemsworth look good to go for Steven...
  20. Movies & Reviews

    First Lincoln trailer finds hope in a time of pain

    Steven Spielberg's done it again. The Oscar-winning director has produced another historical epic called Lincoln. Like War Horse...