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  1. Celebrity Gossip

    VIDEO: Daniel Craig, Benicio Del Toro front sexual assault PSA

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    A bevy of stars have come together to stop sexual assault in a new White House PSA for the 1 is 2 Many campaign.
  2. Movies

    EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Despicable Me 2 's Steve Carell will do anything for his kids

    This holiday, enjoy some dysfunctional family fun with Despicable Me 2 . Actor Steve Carell voices Gru, the villain-turned-dad who...
  3. Movies

    TRAILER: Ron Burgundy gets with the times in Anchorman 2

    Alert the media, Ron Burgundy is back! Paramount has released a new trailer for this winter's Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues .
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    Anchorman 's Ron Burgundy to write tell-all memoir

    WIll Ferrell returns as Ron Burgundy this fall in Anchorman: The Legend Continues , but he wants to forever be remembered by...
  5. Movies

    The Way, Way Back movie review: Awkward family vacay

    This charming but somewhat predictable indie film tells the coming-of-age story of 14-year-old Duncan (Liam James), as he struggles...
  6. Movies

    Battle of the flicks: The Lone Ranger vs. The Way, Way Back

    On this holiday weekend, Johnny Depp wears a dead crow on his head in a summer blockbuster, while Steve Carell stars as a...
  7. Movies

    Despicable Me 2 movie review: Despicable Mommy?

    Steve Carell and Kristin Wiig find love in this Minion-filled sequel that delights with zany antics and 3-D fun.
  8. Movies

    EXCLUSIVE CLIP: The Way, Way Back "Carry a Laser"

    The Way, Way Back reminds us of our awkward teen years. SheKnows has an exclusive clip from the film that highlights its talented...
  9. Movies

    New Anchorman 2 trailer: Ron Burgundy vs. the '80s!

    Break out your mustache — Ron Burgundy is in the building. Will Ferrell's alter ego has returned for Anchorman: The Legend...
  10. Movies

    Despicable Me 2 : Trailer, cast and more

    Steve Carell. Minions. Summer. What else could you ask for? Kick off 4th of July weekend with Gru and his gals. Despicable Me 2...
  11. Movies

    Anchorman 2 trailer: Brick brings the awkwardness

    This winter, spend your holidays with Will Ferrell. The actor returns to the big screen in Anchorman: The Legend Continues . The...
  12. Television

    The Office predictions: Where will they be 10 years from now?

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    After 9 seasons The Office is finally turning off its cameras and going off the air, which left us wondering what will happen to...
  13. Television

    VIDEO: 8 best quotes from The Office

    Kevin talks cats, Jim talks bears and Erin speaks Dothraki.
  14. Celebrity Gossip

    Al Pacino quits Despicable Me 2 mid-production

    Al Pacino definitely has a reputation for being unpredictable on film, but isn't known for walking off sets. Nonetheless, he's done...
  15. Television

    Will he or won't he? Steve Carell and The Office finale

    Sources say Steve Carell will return for The Office series finale.
  16. Television

    The Office finale: 5 truths we learned from The Office

    If you've ever worked in an office for more than five minutes, you immediately related to the exaggerated and awkward dynamics of...
  17. Movies

    Who else should join Will Ferrell as an MTV Comedic Genius?

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    Will Ferrell is winning a richly deserved MTV Movie award for Comedic Genius. Bravo! After all, where would our lives be without Ron...
  18. Celebrity Gossip

    Harrison Ford hints he may be cut from Anchorman 2

    The actor will be playing a similar role to one he has already played, but you'd think the producers would have known that when they...
  19. Movies

    Tina Fey, Steve Carell comedy pushed back

    Audiences aching to see Liz Lemon and Michael Scott share the screen again will have to wait a bit longer.
  20. Entertainment

    Sandra Bullock & more to present at the Kids' Choice Awards

    The 2013 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards is going to be chalk full of star power, judging from the just-released list of presenters....