1. Celebrity Gossip

    Kenny Chesney to country music: Stop objectifying women

    Kenny Chesney has a not-so-subtle message to other country artists: Shut up about cutoff jeans and bikini tops, already.
  2. Living

    12 Things Southerners want the rest of the U.S. to know

    Since I've moved out West, I am often the only Southerner in the room/meeting/workplace/restaurant. And when people catch my accent,...
  3. Dating

    Gender stereotypes busted

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    Think you know what men are thinking when it comes to relationships? recently released the findings from a comprehensive...
  4. Careers

    6 Women with unusual careers

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    We're past the 1950s housewife image. We're even past the notion that women can't do math or hard labor. In 2009, women are proudly...