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    Lucasfilm announces big news for Star Wars: Episode VII

    Filming for Star Wars: Episode VII will begin soon, but that isn't the only big news announced by Lucasfilm on Tuesday.
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    HBO star Adam Driver may be newest Star Wars evildoer

    Hollywood is buzzing about J.J. Abrams latest Star Wars epic, and Girls star Adam Driver is the focus of all the talk.
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    PHOTO: J.J. Abrams hangs out with Star Wars fan fave

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    Preproduction on Star Wars: Episode VII is underway, and we've got a photo to prove it. Say hello to our little friend.
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    Confirmed: Star Wars: Episode VII gets new writers

    There was a behind-the-scenes shake-up with the new Star Wars movie. Episode VII lost its screenwriter, but quickly replaced...
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    John Williams on board to score Star Wars: Episode VII

    One of the last pieces of the puzzle is in place for the three remaining Star Wars movies. John Williams has said he will return...
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    Could J.J. Abrams drop out of Star Wars: Episode VII ?

    It was big news when J.J. Abrams was announced as the director of Stars Wars: Episode VII , and Lucasfilm wants to make sure...
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    Course of the Force run 2013

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    Being able to interact with fellow Star Wars enthusiasts is not the only reason to register for Course of the Force. Due to the...
  8. Celebrity Gossip

    Harrison Ford gets into a scuffle with Chewbacca

    Star Wars fans got a treat Wednesday night when two of the original characters showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! And one of them...
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    Star Wars actor dies: Richard LeParmentier remembered

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    Richard LeParmentier, an original Star Wars actor whose near-demise at the hands of Darth Vader became one of the most-quoted lines...
  10. Family Fun

    See inside Tori Spelling’s Star Wars birthday party for Liam

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    The force was strong with Tori Spelling as she threw her son a Star Wars-themed birthday party for his 6th birthday. From the Darth...
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    Joss Whedon reveals what he'd do with Star Wars Episode VII

    Joss Whedon's playing a game of should've, could've, would've. The director's extremely busy with his Marvel projects (The Avengers...
  12. Television

    Cartoon Network loses Star Wars: The Clone Wars

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars is no more. After five successful seasons, Lucasfilm has canceled the animated series. The Cartoon...
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    Lucas confirms Ford, Hamill's return to Star Wars

    A day after Carrie Fisher announced her return for Star Wars: Episode VII , George Lucas lets it slip that all three actors have...
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    Carrie Fisher confirms Star Wars return

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    The actress has confirmed she will be appearing in the next Star Wars film, and if she has her way, the bikini and bagel buns will...
  15. K-12

    Nourishing your child’s inner geek

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    If you’re a SciFi or comic book fan, when’s the best time to introduce your kiddo to the nuances of geek culture in the...
  16. Celebrity Gossip

    Mark Hamill being "talked to" about Star Wars: Episode VII

    Rumors have been flying about the plans to reinvigorate the Star Wars franchise now that Disney's got the reins. Original Luke...
  17. Celebrity Gossip

    NFW: Harrison Ford to return as Han Solo?

    Is director J.J. Abrams' going really, really old-school for Episode VII, the Star Wars that many hope will be a return to the...
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    Disney confirms multiple Star Wars "spinoffs"

    Disney confirms Star Wars spinoffs. Not everyone is thrilled. We're so conflicted!
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    Star Wars 3D prequel releases: So not happening

    The Star Wars prequels have been scrapped. Instead of re-releasing the trilogy in 3D, Disney wants to shift gears. All of their...
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    Will he or won't he? J.J. Abrams set for Star Wars 7

    Is there anything J.J. Abrams can't do? The director and producer's been tapped to take over the Star Wars franchise. Multiple...