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    Spring rose care

    Taking good care of your roses will ensure that you have a strong and healthy plant year-round. Spring rose care doesn't have to be...
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    Top 4 popular spring flowers

    Whether you are wanting to simply admire spring flowers from afar or are looking to select vibrant blooms for a bouquet or table...
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    Tents and Tunnels

    Tents and tunnels are easy ways to get a head-start on your early spring garden. Both simple structures act like greenhouses ,...
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    Garden Easter Gifts

    Easter symbolizes renewal and new life, and everything new growing and developing outdoors make spring the perfect season for this...
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    Zone 3 Planting Schedule

    Now is the time to start planting your garden if you live in USDA Hardiness Zone 3 .  Zone 3 stretches along the U.S.-Canada...
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    Zone 4 Planting Schedule

    Planting time is now if you live in USDA Hardiness Zone 4 .  Zone 4 includes cities like Minneapolis/St. Paul, as well as...
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    Zone 6 Planting Schedule

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    Ensuring a successful harvest from your vegetable garden means planting at the right time for your region. Zone 6 includes cities...
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    Zone 5 Planting Schedule

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    Knowing when to start seeds and when to transplant them into your garden will help you maximize your harvest. The rules for when to...
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    Growing Cabbage

    Cabbage is one of the vegetable staples included with corned beef in a St. Patrick's Day meal, but cabbage is a nutritious addition...
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    Spice up Your Salads

    A fresh garden salad can include more than the same old greens, like lettuce and spinach. Try growing unusual greens that are...
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    Growing Crocuses

    Crocuses are beautiful, cup-shaped flowers synonymous with spring. Colors vary from white to yellow to purples and multicolored...
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    Growing Zucchini

    Zucchini is a popular member of the summer squash family. This warm-season vegetable can be grown anytime in spring and summer.
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    Choosing Tomato Plants

    Purchasing transplants from a nursery can provide you with ready-to-plant vegetables without the time commitment of raising plants...
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    Growing Brussels Sprouts

    Brussels sprouts can really divide a crowd. They're the type of veggie you don't just sort of like--you either love them or hate...
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    Growing Asparagus

    Asparagus is one of my favorite vegetables, but only when it's fresh--I try not to deal with the canned stuff if I can help it...
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    Growing Potatoes

    Potatoes have an ancient history. These plants, native to Peru, were brought to Europe in the 1500s by Spanish Conquistadors.