1. Television

    Spoilers? Historical events to inspire Mad Men

    Each season of Mad Men is as closely guarded as our president. Getting real spoilers can often prove impossible. What we can do,...
  2. Television

    New Girl spoilers: The guys talk about love

    The guys from New Girl told us all about what we can expect from their love lives.
  3. Television

    Spoilers! Newsroom creator tells us what's ahead

    We know The Newsroom isn't about the topics covered but about the people covering them — but we still love watching the news unfold.
  4. Television

    Girls spoilers! How Season 2 shapes up

    It all comes to blows in the final episodes! When things get ugly, will Hannah eat her feelings?
  5. Television

    Spoiler alert! A new boy toy on The Carrie Diaries

    Carrie Bradshaw's revolving door of boys is starting early. There's a new kid in town... except he's not so new. We've scoured the...
  6. Entertainment

    Shocking spoilers for Downton Abbey

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    Downton Abbey kills off one of its most popular characters in the Season 3 finale.
  7. Television

    Nashville spoiler: Juliette is a thief!

    The drama never stops on Nashville! That's especially true for Juliette, as she tries to deal with being caught stealing nail...