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    Sofia Coppola angling to direct live-action Little Mermaid

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    Sofia Coppola is on deck to direct a live-action version of The Little Mermaid , and the internet is losing its mind about it.
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    The Bling Ring movie review: Fame, cocaine and Louboutins

    Using Google Maps, TMZ and Facebook, several San Fernando Valley teens managed to heist nearly $3 million worth of clothing, jewelry...
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    Emma Watson goes too far in Bling Ring featurette

    What would posses a group of teens to rob their favorite celebrities? Find out in this behind-the-scenes featurette from The Bling...
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    The Bling Ring : Trailer, cast and more

    The Bling Ring is all about materialism and fame. Oscar-winner Sofia Coppola takes us on a ride with this unconventional Hollywood...
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    Paris Hilton speaks up about The Bling Ring

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    Paris Hilton finally talks about being a victim of The Bling Ring back in 2009. Now, she's supporting Sofia Coppola's new film about...
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    The Bling Ring trailer debuts

    Girls gone wild has taken on a whole new meaning!
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    New teaser poster for The Bling Ring

    Who knew an image of posh sunglasses over a white backdrop could be so artful?
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    The Bling Ring : Inside the minds of Hollywood-obsessed teens

    Find out what it's like to live like a celebrity even if it means breaking the law in The Bling Ring, out in limited release on June...
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    Emma Watson vamps it up in The Bling Ring

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    Emma Watson shows audiences a new side to her acting range as she vamps it up in the trailer for the upcoming film The Bling Ring .
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    Sofia Coppola is marrying her baby daddy this summer

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    Director Sofia Coppola is planning a summer wedding in Italy. The Somewhere director will wed her longtime boyfriend, rocker...