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  1. Living How-Tos

    Have identity-stealing spambots hacked your Instagram account?

    If you take a moment to trace your online identity, you may not like what you find. Profiles on the popular image-sharing social...
  2. Travel

    Dutch woman's photo hoax proves that 'fake-cays' are the new 'stay-cays'

    It seems like everyone on Facebook is going on vacation to some exotic locale you could never afford. But how much of that is real?...
  3. Food & Recipes

    DiGiorno hijacks #WhyIStayed domestic abuse hashtag for tweet about frozen pizza

    DiGiorno made a tasteless joke on Twitter last night that, shockingly, managed to be much worse than its frozen pizza.
  4. Living How-Tos

    One Facebook feature may be hiking up your cellphone bill

    I am a Facebook addict and smartphone user, and now I feel like a sucker. One automatic Facebook feature is known to max out data...
  5. Living

    6 Powerful activism campaigns inspired by the Ice Bucket Challenge

    The Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS has gone outrageously viral. By now you have probably seen or participated in this challenge on...
  6. Living

    Study shows people are afraid of being honest on social media

    Social media is supposed to be a safe space where we can share who we are and express our opinions. But if you have ever seen a...
  7. Careers

    Racist Facebook post on Ferguson cost a woman her job

    Facebook has been around for years now. Most of us are quite familiar with how social media works and especially how what we say...
  8. Living How-Tos

    Dear Facebook friends: Stop trying to sell me your stupid candles

    Here's a quick way to lose friends: Start relentlessly peddling multilevel marketing products on your Facebook newsfeed. If you...
  9. Living

    The first openly gay national beauty queen comes out on Instagram

    Times are a-changin', and thank God for that. Just a few decades ago, it would have been scandalous to hear of a pageant contestant...
  10. Living

    Your ultimate guide to #ThrowBackThursday photos

    It's Thursday, your favorite day of the week when it comes to social media. But before you bust out that gem from your high school...
  11. Tips & Advice

    Mom, don't overshare my life on your Facebook

    Sure, posting your toddler's toilet training adventures seems like a great idea. What about when he's older? Should you get...
  12. Baby

    Idiot family tapes a pacifier to a baby because they thought it was "funny"

    A baby picture on Facebook can teach people not to overshare but it can't stop them from being stupid.
  13. Celebrity Gossip

    Zelda Williams leaves Twitter: Sucky people make Robin Williams' death sadder

    Really, people? As a nation mourns the sad and tragic loss of one of its treasures, Robin Williams, some people have to prove how...
  14. Living

    9 Creepy internet trends you wish you'd never seen

    We get it, it's the internet, and there's always some seriously weird stuff circulating. Still, if we had our druthers, we'd never...
  15. Living

    9 Optical illusions that will leave you mystified

    Social media and video have collided in a big way and to big, fantastic results. Vine, in particular, has provided creative geniuses...
  16. Living

    Finally! An emoji app that realizes one face doesn't fit all

    In the digital world, where brevity is valued above all, emoji have become a useful way for us to translate the emotions behind our...
  17. Living

    Blacked out profile pics offer support to Malaysia Airlines' victims

    The Malaysia Airlines flight that was shot down over Ukraine has dealt a massive blow to the Dutch people, who lost 193 citizens in...
  18. K-12

    The internet shows its good side by sending thousands of birthday cards to boy with cancer

    A boy with an inoperable brain tumor has a birthday coming up, and all he wants are birthday cards. Will you help his dream come...
  19. Living

    Inspiring social media movement supports teen assault victim

    The nightmarish sexual assault of 16-year-old Jada went viral when her attackers posted images of the crime online. Unbelievably,...
  20. Fashion & Style

    Dresses that turn transparent when you're tweeting or turned on: For real?

    Not quite as weird as Hammer pants, but it's as close as you can get. First up, a dress that turns transparent each and every time...