1. Television

    VIDEO: SNL 's Aidy Bryant outshines Seth Rogen in promos

    Seth Rogen is set to host SNL for the first time in five years, but in the latest promos for the show, it's actually Aidy Bryant...
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Kristen Wiig says comedy wasn't her first choice

    Kristen Wiig is one of the sharpest, most talented comedic actresses of the past decade. But she had her heart set on something else.
  3. Television

    SNL prep: Best of Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake

    Saturday Night Live is celebrating a night of big returns. Fallon and Timberlake are taking over the show! These two aren't...
  4. Television

    10 Best moments from Miley Cyrus' SNL performance

    Sure, the performance was loud and barely clad, but for someone whose fame is based on shock value, Miley Cyrus' appearance on...
  5. Celebrity Gossip

    Anthony Weiner and this week's other SNL -worthy material

    Some weeks, the writers at SNL must fall to their knees and thank the parody gods for hand-delivering so much weirdness. A...
  6. Television

    SNL cast crisis: Panic and tension with cast exodus

    The future of SNL is uncertain as the show undergoes a shocking mass departure of favorite and familiar cast members — including...
  7. Celebrity Gossip

    Denise Richards: Hollywood's super-moms

    Occasionally, celebrity moms get a bad rap for being out of touch, team-of-nanny-having moms. But not all Hollywood moms are created...
  8. Television

    Seth Meyers named Jimmy Fallon's Late Night replacement

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    Seth Meyers is going from "Weekend Update" to "Day's End Update." Is late night the best place for Meyers?
  9. Television

    Justin Timberlake boosts SNL 's ratings

    Was there anyone who didn't watch Saturday Night Live last night?
  10. Television

    Alabama Shakes makes some waves on Saturday Night Live

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    Alabama Shakes made their mark this weekend when they performed on Saturday Night Live , making music fans take notice.
  11. Television

    SNL isn't giving up comedy for Lent

    Saturday Night Live serves up laughable Lent-inspired skits.
  12. Television

    Justin Bieber to host and perform on SNL

    Justin vs. Nemo face-off for control of your television. Will it be East Coast weather updates or SNL Weekend Update?
  13. Television

    SNL just can't get enough of Adam Levine

    Adam Levine is hosting Saturday Night Live ! (It's okay if you swooned just then. We did, too.) Prediction: Our favorite funny guy...
  14. Television

    Yum. Jeremy Renner & Adam Levine on SNL this week!

    Can SNL redeem itself after last week's yawn-worthy episode? Hopefully. Jeremy Renner and the guys from Maroon 5 should help.
  15. Television

    Will anyone actually watch SNL this week?

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    Anne Hathaway is hosting SNL with Rihanna on Saturday. Expectations? Pretty low. Even the promos aren't funny. But, hey! Maybe...
  16. Television

    Saturday's SNL prediction: Expect awesome!

    Christina Applegate is hosting SNL this week. Since Applegate can do no wrong, it's sure to be a great episode and, hopefully,...
  17. Movies

    What you missed on YouTube: Week of Aug. 17

    This week, headlines were all about Shark Week and Honey Badger (the football player, not the animal) going into rehab. That...
  18. Movies

    The Campaign : Five reasons to love Will Ferrell

    As we eagerly anticipate the Aug. 10 release of Will Ferrell’s new hilarity feast, The Campaign , it’s difficult to believe there...
  19. Television

    NBC to air SNL election spoof for the 2012 election

    NBC has big changes in store for the fall season, but they also plan to fall back on some staples.