snack ideas

  1. Parenting

    6 Immune-boosting snacks to pack for kids

    Want to send your kids off to school with snacks that supercharge their immune systems? We asked New York City pediatrician Dr. Dyan...
  2. School & Education

    Healthy snacks you can bring to a class party

    Looking for a treat or snack to bring to a class party? Skip the cookies and doughnuts and go for one of these healthy (and tasty)...
  3. School & Education

    How to make school lunch more fun

    Do your kids get jealous of what other moms pack in their friends' lunches? Not to worry. Clinton Kelly, co-host of the TV show The...
  4. Dessert Recipes

    DIY tutorial: Disney’s Frozen -inspired pretzel snacks

    Frozen -themed parties are still all the rage. Make some fun snacks to add to your themed gathering or just to put a smile on your...
  5. Living

    Homemade snacks for the school year

    School is back in session, and that means we moms need to have homemade snacks at the ready. We picked our favorites for adding to a...
  6. Diet

    9 Snacks that won't make you feel bad

    Snacking on the right foods fights hunger and keeps you from being moody during the day. Incorporate these healthy snacks into your...
  7. Travel

    Our favorite road-trippin' snacks

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    A road trip just isn't complete without an adequate amount of delicious snacks for noshing. Here are our top picks for simple,...
  8. Skincare

    Our favorite 30-seconds-of-me-time snacks

    The next time you need to take a time-out and enjoy a quick moment that's all about you, treat yourself to one of these quick and...
  9. Halloween Food & Recipes

    Eyeball ice cubes

    Give them a snack that's a little scary this Halloween!
  10. School & Education

    Pack special pretzels

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    Pretzels are a lunch box staple in our household. Here's how we keep them interesting!
  11. Travel

    Best portable snack ideas for traveling as a family

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    Every mom knows that the best defense is a good offense. Keep road trip whining at bay by preparing delicious and nutritious...
  12. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Honey cinnamon roasted chickpeas

    Trying to give up potato chips? These crunchy little treats are sweet, flavorful and healthy! That's right. A healthy treat!
  13. Cooking & Entertaining

    3 Thanksgiving-inspired popcorn recipes

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    Forget about microwave popcorn bags! Making homemade popcorn is simple, inexpensive and delicious. These Thanksgiving-inspired...
  14. Cooking & Entertaining

    5 Super snacks all kids love

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    Snacks are a good way to add the extra calories and nutrients your growing child needs in his diet. He wants them to be delicious...
  15. Cooking & Entertaining

    Movie snacks at home

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    Love family movie night? Turn up the volume on your movie night snacks with these ideas.
  16. School & Education

    After school snacks your kids can prepare

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    Getting your kids involved in activities in the kitchen is not only fun, but it's also a great way to introduce them to healthy...
  17. Skincare

    Flavorful and fresh: Favorite summer snacks

    Summer snacks keep energy up and refresh you in warm weather. Cool down and fill up with icy beverages and freshly-grown goodies...
  18. School & Education

    Top 10 afterschool snacks that can be prepared in a flash

    When your kids get home from school, they’re hungry and in need of a snack – fast! Choose a healthy snack that can be prepared...
  19. School & Education

    Car-friendly foods for kids

    There are few things more annoying than little bits of food that have fallen into those can’t-reach crevices between the seats in...
  20. Healthy Recipes

    7 Nutritious snack swaps

    You try to eat healthy, but sometimes you like a little treat between meals. Here are seven simple snack swaps that will boost your...