smoothie recipes

  1. Drink Recipes

    Homemade horchata smoothie: You'll never drink it straight again

    Horchata is great on its own but, believe me, it gets even better when it's in smoothie form.
  2. Drink Recipes

    This coconut, chocolate and almond butter smoothie tastes like dessert for breakfast

    In a smoothie rut? This coconut, chocolate and almond butter smoothie is packed full of flavor and lots of nutritious goodies.
  3. Food & Recipes

    3 Simple Swiss chard recipes

    There's a reason Swiss chard is one of the most popular vegetables in the Mediterranean. This leafy green is not only full of...
  4. Healthy Recipes

    A good-for-you vanilla cupcake milkshake

    If you could put a cupcake into a glass and drink it, this would be it.
  5. Healthy Recipes

    Gluten-free quinoa breakfast smoothie freezer pops

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    Start the morning with a chilled breakfast that comes in the form of a favorite dessert. These freezer pops are filling, healthy and...
  6. Healthy Recipes

    Skinny pie-inspired smoothies for bikini season

    These three smoothies are skinnier versions of your favorite pie flavors, so you can be ready for swimsuit season without...
  7. Healthy Recipes

    Luscious chocolate-dipped raspberry smoothies on a stick

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    Ripe raspberries are blended into a smoothie and frozen in ice pop molds. Once frozen, these treats take a plunge into dark...
  8. Drink Recipes

    Boozy banana rum raisin smoothie

    This is definitely not your average morning time smoothie, but it sure is good. I would say that it's even better than regular...
  9. Drink Recipes

    6 Smoothie recipes for kids

    Getting our kids to eat healthy snacks can be daunting because of picky palates. Luckily, smoothies are a nutrient-dense way to...
  10. Healthy Recipes

    Rainbow smoothie pops for healthy on-the-go snacking

    Heal your body and soothe your creative soul with these deliciously colorful smoothie pops.
  11. Food & Recipes

    3 Pink smoothies for a healthy Valentine's Day breakfast

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    Start the day on the right foot with one of these satisfying smoothie recipes — each with a pink hue and wholesome ingredients.
  12. Quick & Easy Recipes

    4 Refreshing smoothie recipes

    Sometimes you don't want to be weighed down by a heavy breakfast. On those mornings, a smoothie is the perfect solution.
  13. Healthy Recipes

    Energizing green detox smoothie

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    This smoothie is full of organic greens, fruit, chia and flaxseeds. It's perfect for starting off your day after overindulging...
  14. Cooking & Entertaining

    Spiced eggnog smoothie

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    Frozen bananas and creamy eggnog make the base of this wintertime smoothie. We took things up a notch by adding holiday spices to...
  15. Diet

    Healthy smoothie: Raw chocolate peanut butter and banana

    Get your greens, protein and a lot of other goodness every day with this amazing-tasting smoothie.
  16. Healthy Recipes

    5 Mixed juice drinks to boost your immune system

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    To give your immune system a big boost, all you have to do is enjoy some delicious and good-for-you juices and smoothies.
  17. Food & Recipes

    Chai pumpkin Greek yogurt smoothie

    There is nothing wrong with taking your breakfast on the go. This fall-inspired smoothie packs a nutritional punch and tastes amazing.
  18. Food & Recipes

    Raspberry, peach, almond & pine nut smoothie

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    Fruits, nuts and everything healthy. That's what the doctors recommend to keep fit. So why don't we start the day with a...
  19. Healthy Recipes

    Healthy green smoothie

    This healthy green smoothie with Greek yogurt is perfect for breakfast, after a workout or as a midday snack.
  20. Healthy Recipes

    Summer peach cobbler smoothie

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    Sweet as a peach. This smoothie is loaded with healthy ingredients such as fresh peach slices, almond milk and Greek yogurt. This is...