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    9 Animals you didn't realize had miniature versions

    Who knew that some animals (which are already inordinately cute) had miniature counterparts?
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    How to choose the best small pet

    Dogs and cats seem to get all the love, but small pets make great companions, too. Here are a couple things to keep in mind when you...
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    Small pet chores children can do

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    The biggest complaint many parents have about pet ownership is that their children won't be able to help and they'll be the ones...
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    Ideal pets for kids

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    Dogs and cats might be the most common pets for families, but they're not always the best choices if you have small children.
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    Creating a fun play space for small pets

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    Small animals -- just like big ones -- need entertainment and recreation to live happy, fulfilled lives. Unfortunately, it's not...
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    Complete guide to "small" pets

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    It's easy to know how to take care of dogs and cats: Everyone has them, so if you don't know something, you can just ask. But what...