1. Parenting

    Are co-ed slumber parties a good idea?

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    Your daughter has been invited to a co-ed sleepover at a good friend's house. You trust the parents, but can you trust the kids?...
  2. Family Fun

    How to survive your child's first slumber party

    Sleepovers, slumber parties -- whatever you want to call them -- kids love them, and most parents dread them. If your child is...
  3. K-12

    Sleepover safety guidelines

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    Whether it's your child's first sleepover or your teen's 100th slumber party, child safety should be the most important factor when...
  4. Parenting Articles

    Party on, kids: How to plan the perfect sleepover

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    It happens to the best parents. Sometime between first and fifth grade, your child comes to you with a request. "Can I have a...