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    Skyfall’s Naomie Harris & Berenice Marlohe tell us why Daniel Craig makes the sexiest Bond

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    The gorgeous Naomie Harris and Berenice Marlohe join the ranks of Hollywood history as two of the new Bond Girls in the third...
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    Skyfall’s Daniel Craig likes his martinis like Bond: “Straight up with an olive or two.”

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    Skyfall 's Daniel Craig reveals his similarities to James Bond and tells us why he wasn’t worried about critics.
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    Skyfall : Fall for Craig, Daniel Craig

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    Admit it. You’re kind of giddy that today is the U.S. premiere date for Skyfall. We knew it. Same here. There is something about...
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    Skyfall movie review: The dark chocolate of Bond films

    In the darkest, moodiest 007 to date, themes of mortality and redemption play out as Daniel Craig and Judi Dench uphold classical...
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    Timothy Dalton also calls Daniel Craig the best Bond ever

    Timothy Dalton, who played the secret agent in the 1980s, feels the new movies are much better than the past couple of incarnations...
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    Past James Bond Boys who make us swoon

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    The famous British spy celebrates his 50th anniversary this year with the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall . To celebrate Bond’s...
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    Skyfall may be headed for record-breaking weekend

    Skyfall is expected to surpass 2008's Quantum of Solace when it opens this weekend, which would make it the highest-grossing...
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    James Bond bisexual? The mano-a-mano tension rises

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    James Bond wouldn't be half as desirable without a thick layer of sexual tension in the air, but Daniel Craig's incarnation of 007...
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    Man Candy Mondays: Javier Bardem

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    We're willing to bet that every single woman who has ever traveled on a solo European vacation has fantasized about meeting a Javier...
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    Sir Roger Moore says Daniel Craig is 'best Bond in history'

    The man who played James Bond for 12 years is a big fan of Skyfall, but especially of actor Daniel Craig as the newest incarnation...
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    Boo hoo! Bond star Daniel Craig can't "get drunk, fall over"

    In a new interview in the run-up to the opening of the new Bond film, Skyfall, due out next month, Daniel Craig says being Bond...
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    Skyfall ’s Bond girls aren’t just pretty faces

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    They drive race cars, fire guns and always make the kill. They are Bond girls. This sneak peek takes a look at Daniel Craig’s new...
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    Bond's back from the dead in new Skyfall trailer

    Daniel Craig's still got it. The actor shines in the new trailer for James Bond's latest outing, Skyfall . His style, grace and...
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    Daniel Craig a shirtless Bond in Skyfall

    The new trailer for the next 007 movie, Skyfall, starring Daniel Craig, is full of action, thrills and intrigue in its 23rd episode...
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    Daniel Craig: James Bond Heineken deal a necessary evil

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    James Bond is famous for his love of martinis, but the new film Skyfall will have him sipping a decidedly frothier beverage. Why...
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    How long will Daniel Craig continue to play James Bond?

    Is it November yet? The anticipation for Skyfall is building, but Daniel Craig reassures James Bond fans that the upcoming film will...
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    Will Adele sing again for the next James Bond flick?

    Adele shares when we can next expect new music from her. So will her 2012 single be from the newest James Bond movie, Skyfall ?
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    5 Times the James Bond: Daniel Craig ups contract

    Move over Roger Moore, Daniel Craig is making James Bond history. The actor is rumored to be reprising the coveted role in five more...
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    Daniel Craig returns as master spy James Bond in Skyfall

    The latest James Bond film has a new director, fresh cast and an unexpected title: Skyfall . The upcoming installment is expected...