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  1. SheKnows TV: BeYouTiful

    How skin affects self-confidence

    Good skin is a key component of overall beauty and good health, and it can also affect your emotional and mental well-being. Read on...
  2. BeYouTiful Makeup & Skincare

    5 Ingredients that help reverse sun damage

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    The sun can do a number on your skin, leaving it dry, damaged and depleted. Of course, sun exposure can also lead to skin cancer....
  3. Beauty & Fashion Bargains

    Win a CEW swag bag worth over $600!

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    Each year, the Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW), a nonprofit organization devoted to separating the beauty wheat from the chaff, vets...
  4. New mom health and wellness

    Baby products that double as beauty products for mom

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    Let's face it, Moms: Personal beautification can cost a pretty penny. But you already have an arsenal of beauty products in your...
  5. Makeup and skin care how-tos

    How to match sunless tanner to your skin tone

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    Looking to get beautifully bronzed just in time for spring? Then skip the tanning bed and avoid a potential run-in with skin cancer...
  6. Makeup and skin care how-tos

    How to get even coverage from sunless tanner

    If we've learned one thing from Lindsay Lohan over the years, it’s how not to apply sunless tanner. Learn how to get even coverage...
  7. Makeup and skin care how-tos

    How to maintain a sun-free glow

    Summer is around the corner, and while you’ve been bundling up in the winter months, your skin has become a dull shade somewhere...
  8. Makeup and skin care how-tos

    How to get a natural-looking sunless tan

    Skip the harmful, aging effects of suntanning and get a natural-looking, safe, sunless tan at home. Follow these simple steps to get...
  9. Makeup and skin care how-tos

    How to apply sunless tanners

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    You don't need to bake in the sun to get a fabulous tan. Instead, use sunless tanner to achieve glowing, beautiful skin without the...
  10. Makeup and skin care how-tos

    How to apply sunless tanner to your face

    The only thing worse than the weather during winter is not being able to get your tan on! Unlike the kids on Jersey Shore, though,...
  11. Makeup and skin care how-tos

    How to get glowing skin

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    Skin looks best when it's smooth, glowing and radiant -- but stress, weather and other factors can leave your skin dry and dull. To...
  12. Makeup and skin care how-tos

    How to prepare skin for sunless tanners

    Prepping your skin can make the difference between a glorious tan and a streaky mess. We consulted with makeup artists and tanning...
  13. Makeup and skin care how-tos

    How to avoid sunless tanner slip-ups

    Sunless tanner can be a tricky thing: There’s a fine line between “bronzed beauty” and “the next Jersey Shore cast member.” With a...
  14. Celebrity Style

    Giuliana Rancic hits the Oscars red carpet... without foundation!

    Consider us officially jealous! Giuliana Rancic, co-host of Live on the Red Carpet , hit the Oscars red carpet last night sans...
  15. SheKnows TV: SheKnows Goes to the Shows

    Tips for keeping skin red-carpet-ready

    Certain facial features are universally beautiful. Big, almond-shaped eyes and pouty lips are popular turn-ons, but beautiful,...
  16. Skincare

    Vaseline's soft skin tricks for the whole year

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    Keeping your skin soft and silky all year-round is easy if you have the right products on hand. You don't have to buy expensive skin...
  17. Skincare

    Ways to prepare skin for spring

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    The frigid winter air can leave skin feeling and looking dry, scaly and dull. Low humidity, hot baths and showers, and dry indoor...
  18. Skincare

    Spa skin care secrets at home

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    Professional spa treatments are divine -- but they're expensive and time-consuming, too. Treat your skin to regular spa treatments...
  19. Skincare

    Soft skin tricks for the whole year

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    Soft skin never goes out of season. Whether you're baring it all in a barely-there bikini or covering it all up in sexy skinny jeans...
  20. Skincare

    One-for-all moisturizers

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    Is your body moisturizer too heavy? Does it leave you with ashy arms and legs at the end of the day? Your moisturizer should feel...