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    Read this before you eat that: How certain foods affect skin

    While many of us have been crafting plans for the year ahead to navigate our diet scene in relation to our waistlines, we may have...
  2. Skin Care

    Gotta hand it to you: 6 Products for gorgeous hands and nails

    We spend countless hours buffing and polishing our bodies, finding new ways to keep hair shiny and healthy and obsessing over every...
  3. Skincare

    You glow girl: Clear and glowing skin for the new year

    Want your skin to glow for the new year? Here are some quick tips from Dr. Agnes Olszewski, founder of — designed...
  4. Skincare

    Wake up your face: Winter skin-saving tips

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    Cold climates and packed schedules can be detrimental to the health of your skin. Indulge in some professional skin care and...
  5. Holidays & Seasons

    Renew You: New Year's giveaways roundup

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    SheKnows is always happy to hook you up with awesome opportunities to score some super sweet stuff. That's why we're making it extra...
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    DIY exfoliating cornmeal and buttermilk facial scrub

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    Tried and true for a reason, cornmeal and buttermilk are two ingredients that combine for an exfoliating, DIY facial scrub.
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    Letter from the editor: Why you shouldn't be afraid of clinical skin care

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    My skin care routine has mostly consisted of cleansing before bed (no matter how many glasses of wine were telling me to skip it and...
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    Ice ice baby: Votre Vu Les Sorbet Anti-Aging Serum (Review)

    Think a serum has to be room temperature to work? Well, Votre Vu's cool child on the anti-aging block has you thinking again. Meant...
  9. Skin Care

    Celebrate National Pomegranate Month with these fruity beauty buys

    Pomegranate season is in full swing, as is National Pomegranate Month. So what better way to celebrate the antioxidant packed fruit...
  10. Skincare

    5 Myths about indoor tanning

    It’s hard to forget Patricia “Tan Mom” Krentcil, the New Jersey woman who made headlines after being charged with child endangerment...
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    The fall of zits: Proper skin care for the colder months

    As if stress, genetics and hormones don’t work against our skin enough, winter is fast approaching. So while you’re out...
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    Beauty by the bottle: Cheers to 2 beer treatments

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    With all the harvest ales out this season, you’re bound to find a few you like to drink. But you can also use your favorite beer for...
  13. Skin Care

    Benefits of moisturizing your lips

    We all have that handy dandy tube of lip balm lying around, but are you actually using it? Keeping that pucker pretty and durable...
  14. Skin Care

    Must-have beauty products for spending time outside

    Whether you're a devoted skier, an avid runner or you bike to work most mornings, grab these beauty products that'll have your skin...
  15. How-Tos

    Steal versus splurge: Anti-aging eye treatments

    Sure, the eyes may be the windows to the soul — but even if you have an old soul, who says your skin has to reflect it?
  16. How-Tos

    Flashback: How women used to fight signs of aging

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    Skin care products and treatments haven't always come neatly packaged and made with ingredients that are difficult to find and...
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    Steal versus splurge: Anti-aging moisturizers

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    Fighting fine lines and wrinkles only gets harder as we age, so why not start protecting your most precious asset (your face, duh!)...
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    Would you try this NASA space drink to reduce wrinkles?

    In today’s world of fast-paced living, with multitasking taken to the extreme, high stress and virtually no time to sleep,...
  19. Skincare

    Can kitchen skin care work?

    The ingredients you find in your kitchen -- are they powerful, active and cosmeceuticals? No, of course not. But can you trust them...
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    The secret to getting illuminated skin

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    Sparkles, shimmer, glitter: the usual makeup suspects for a night out on the town. They can certainly add a lot of glamour to an...