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  1. Beauty 365

    Best ways to brighten dull skin

    There’s nothing dull about you, girlfriend! Why should your skin be any different?
  2. Skincare

    Quick ways to make your skin glow

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    Ready to give your skin a youthful glow? We asked the experts for quick ways to take your complexion from dull to dazzling.
  3. Skin Care

    The beauty of Blue Copper: Osmotics skin care (Review)

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    So many wonderful skin care treatments cross our desks that it’s hard not to love them all. Lucky for us, some really stand out from...
  4. Shopping for Beauty & Fashion

    Product review: Obagi Hydrate moisturizer

    When anti-aging skin care giant Obagi recently launched a new moisturizer, dermatologists were buzzing about the long-lasting...
  5. Skincare

    Do I really need a serum?

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    Do you have skin problems and want immediate results? As the weather changes from winter to spring, is your moisturizer enough? Are...
  6. Skin Care

    Skin care tips from a professional makeup artist

    Need some tips on skin care for your skin type? How about tips for skin care that helps your makeup go on easily and look its best?...
  7. Shopping for Beauty & Fashion

    Smooth for summer: Laser hair removal review

    Wondering what laser hair removal is like and if it really works? (And more importantly, are you wondering how bad it hurts?) Get...
  8. Skincare

    DIY moisturizing citrus hand cream

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    Who doesn’t want a great moisturizer for her hands? A sweet citrus scent makes things even better!
  9. Skincare

    Trend alert: Oxygen-infused makeup and skin care

    We are all constantly looking for ways to make our skin look its best -- oxygen is one of the latest thought-to-be frontiers on this...
  10. Skincare

    DIY lemongrass body wash

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    You’ll look forward to spring showers when you have this invigorating body wash to use!
  11. Health & Wellness

    Melanoma survivors neglect sun safety

    More than a quarter of melanoma survivors never use sunscreen and some still go tanning, a new report says.
  12. Skincare

    Facial exercises that fight aging

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    Are you one of the many women looking for a natural way to fight the aging process?
  13. Skincare

    10 Beauty products you can make at home

    Nobody knows you better than you know yourself. So who better to make your beauty products than you?
  14. Well-being

    Perfect skin for your wedding day

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    Whether you’re plagued by chronic skin problems, fear a sudden flare-up or just want to maintain your best possible skin for...
  15. Shopping for Beauty & Fashion

    5 Skin care products with honey for spring

    Smooth, soft skin is the only accessory you need for spring. If the winter months have stolen your shine, we’ve got just what you...
  16. Skin Care

    Self-tanner review: Bliss

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    Spring is here and we all want to look our best as the hems get shorter and the sun comes out. Bliss A Tan for All Seasons is one...
  17. Skin Care

    Beauty products from the fridge

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    You can give yourself great fresh skin using items in your kitchen!
  18. Skincare

    DIY moisturizing, energizing rosemary-lavender shower gel

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    Mornings just got better! Make this DIY moisturizing, energizing rosemary-lavender shower gel and you'll be clean, moisturized and...
  19. Skincare

    Freckles: Some fun facts

    In June 2012, A Los Angeles-based photographer compiled a book of his photographs of freckle-faced women that were not altered...
  20. Skincare

    Online “deals” for cosmetic treatments

    Buying cosmetic treatments can be a scary venture for some women. In a world filled with treatments for this and for that, how do...