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    Beauty during cancer: Skin care tips

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    Cancer treatments can wreak havoc on a woman's skin, which makes a strong skin care regimen all the more important. The American...
  2. Skincare

    Product review: Alba Botanica Good & Clean Gentle Acne Wash

    This acne-fighting cleanser gives a gentle lather and is perfect for adults and teens alike.
  3. Skincare

    The benefits of skin toner

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    Should a facial toner be part of our daily face regimen? Maybe — but make sure you are using one that benefits your skin!
  4. Skincare

    Emmy Rossum's best beauty tips

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    The Shameless starlet always looks flawless on her hit Showtime series, but she's not ashamed to admit that she gets breakouts,...
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    DIY massaging foot soak

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    Whether you work in heels or work out in sneakers, soothe your soles (and toes) with an at-home massaging foot soak.
  6. Skincare

    DIY foaming vanilla bubble bath

    Who doesn't need a relaxing bubble bath from time to time? This DIY blend of foaming bubble bath will have you in the tub saying...
  7. Skincare

    How air conditioning is actually aging you

    This time of year, I'm often asked for suggestions about how to fix sun-and-surf beauty issues. They run the gamut from hair turning...
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    What you should know about moles and melanoma

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    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the U.S. In 2007...
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    5 Beauty products you didn't know you had

    Tired of bringing home expensive products with mysterious ingredients? Whether you're looking to go green or save green, take a look...
  10. Fashion & Style

    Katy Perry reveals her recipe for glowing skin

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    Katy Perry didn't play around when it came to getting her skin ready for her new Vogue cover.
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    DIY pore strips

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    DIY beauty products can be easy to make and cost effective, too. DIY pore strips are no exception and use just a few ingredients...
  12. Skin Care

    Product review: Clarisonic Aria

    I admit that I'm overly protective of my skin. So, trying a beauty tool like the Clarisonic, despite its rave reviews, scared me....
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    DIY kiwi facial mask

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    A DIY all-natural facial mask might be just for you! You can easily make your own using a few ingredients from your kitchen.
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    DIY self-tanner remover

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    Self-tanner is great for a little color. But once in a while, you'll need to remove traces of your faux tan and start fresh.
  15. Skincare

    How to eat better so you look better

    Looking to better your health and get your summer skin glowing? Have no fear — we've got tips for getting healthy from the...
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    Science meets beauty: Skin care products developed by dermatologists

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    Beauty brands make all kinds of crazy claims that seldom live up to the hype, but when you've got science behind you, how can you...
  17. Skin Care

    L'Oreal 48 Hour Ideal Moisture Lotion review

    Very often, beauty pursuits are a bit like the search for the unicorn, which you know should exist but doesn’t. And scrubs,...
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    The popularity of laser facials explained!

    Find out how laser facials can take years off your face and why they're a celebrity favorite.
  19. Beauty 365

    5-Step skin care regimen for oily skin

    Put down the oil-blotting sheets! It’s time to get your oily skin balanced. If you’re sick of your makeup sliding off...
  20. Beauty 365

    5-Step skin care regimen for combination skin

    If you’re oily in some areas and dry in others, it’s time to get things balanced. Maintaining moisture in your skin while taking...