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  1. Skincare

    DIY kiwi facial mask

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    A DIY all-natural facial mask might be just for you! You can easily make your own using a few ingredients from your kitchen.
  2. Skincare

    DIY self-tanner remover

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    Self-tanner is great for a little color. But once in a while, you'll need to remove traces of your faux tan and start fresh.
  3. Skincare

    How to eat better so you look better

    Looking to better your health and get your summer skin glowing? Have no fear -- we've got tips from Dr. Murad, known as one the...
  4. Skincare

    Science meets beauty: Skin care products developed by dermatologists

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    Beauty brands make all kinds of crazy claims that seldom live up to the hype, but when you’ve got science behind you, how can you...
  5. Beauty & Fashion Bargains

    L'Oreal 48 Hour Ideal Moisture Lotion review

    Very often, beauty pursuits are a bit like the search for the unicorn, which you know should exist but doesn’t. And scrubs,...
  6. Skincare

    The popularity of laser facials explained!

    Find out how laser facials can take years off your face and why they're a celebrity favorite.
  7. Beauty 365

    5-Step skin care regimen for oily skin

    Put down the oil-blotting sheets! It’s time to get your oily skin balanced. If you’re sick of your makeup sliding off your face by...
  8. Beauty 365

    5-Step skin care regimen for combination skin

    If you’re oily in some areas and dry in others, it’s time to get things balanced. Maintaining moisture in your skin while taking...
  9. Beauty 365

    5-Step skin care regimen for dry skin

    If your skin absorbs moisturizer like cement soaks up water on a hot summer day, it’s time to face the facts — you have dry skin....
  10. Beauty 365

    Best ways to brighten dull skin

    There’s nothing dull about you, girlfriend! Why should your skin be any different?
  11. Beauty for Moms

    Quick ways to make your skin glow

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    Ready to give your skin a youthful glow? We asked the experts for quick ways to take your complexion from dull to dazzling.
  12. Beauty & Fashion Bargains

    The beauty of Blue Copper: Osmotics skin care (Review)

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    So many wonderful skin care treatments cross our desks that it’s hard not to love them all. Lucky for us, some really stand out from...
  13. Shopping for Beauty & Fashion

    Product review: Obagi Hydrate moisturizer

    When anti-aging skin care giant Obagi recently launched a new moisturizer, dermatologists were buzzing about the long-lasting...
  14. Skincare

    Do I really need a serum?

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    Do you have skin problems and want immediate results? As the weather changes from winter to spring, is your moisturizer enough? Are...
  15. Makeup & Skin Care

    Skin care tips from a professional makeup artist

    Need some tips on skin care for your skin type? How about tips for skin care that helps your makeup go on easily and look its best?...
  16. Shopping for Beauty & Fashion

    Smooth for summer: Laser hair removal review

    Wondering what laser hair removal is like and if it really works? (And more importantly, are you wondering how bad it hurts?) Get...
  17. Skincare

    DIY moisturizing citrus hand cream

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    Who doesn’t want a great moisturizer for her hands? A sweet citrus scent makes things even better!
  18. Skincare

    Trend alert: Oxygen-infused makeup and skin care

    We are all constantly looking for ways to make our skin look its best -- oxygen is one of the latest thought-to-be frontiers on this...
  19. Skincare

    DIY lemongrass body wash

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    You’ll look forward to spring showers when you have this invigorating body wash to use!
  20. Health & Wellness

    Melanoma survivors neglect sun safety

    More than a quarter of melanoma survivors never use sunscreen and some still go tanning, a new report says.