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  1. Shopping for Beauty & Fashion

    Modern beauty: The new face of customized beauty trends

    Finding the right beauty regime can be a daunting task. With so many options and ever-changing beauty trends, it may seem impossible...
  2. Skincare

    DIY soothing coconut milk and honey bath

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    It doesn’t get any easier when it comes to making a soothing DIY bath soak. Just combine two nourishing ingredients you likely have...
  3. Skincare

    DIY pink peppermint glycerin soap

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    What a fantastic gift these easy DIY soaps make! Not only are they pretty, they smell great and are good for your skin, too. Double...
  4. Skincare

    DIY lavender bath bombs

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    Want to make bath time a little more interesting? Try dropping a fizzy, fragrant bath bomb into your tub. These make awesome gifts,...
  5. Skincare

    5 Tips for radiant skin

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    Want gorgeous glowing skin like your fave celeb? Then you've got to put the work in, girlfriend! Peep these surprising tips for skin...
  6. Skincare

    The skin care benefits of rosehip oil

    If you're looking for the latest all-natural and high-powered skin care product, look no further than the addition of light and...
  7. Skincare

    Why it's never too late to cure sun-damaged skin

    Sun damage can be tricky to treat, no matter how new (or old!) it may be. Some can reside deep in the skin, and different types can...
  8. Makeup

    Happy new you: Bloggers share their skin care resolutions

    It's a new year, and it's time for a new you! Start your new look with an amped up skin care regimen — it's an easy change that will...
  9. Skincare

    Help! I have acne on my back

    Dear Bacne: You suck. We finally manage to discard (a.k.a. burn) every pimply-faced picture from when we were younger, and now you...
  10. Makeup

    Winter makeup habits harming your skin and your image

    Winter is tough enough with the cold weather and lack of sunlight. The last thing you need to be dealing with is makeup blunders....
  11. Skincare

    How expired makeup is destroying your skin

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    Lucky for us, many cosmetic companies label their products with expiration dates even though the FDA doesn't require it. Unlucky for...
  12. Makeup

    The super pale girl's makeup guide to glowing skin

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    Admit it: You want off the pale skin roller coaster. You either spend your days looking pasty and clinical, or very, very, orange....
  13. Diet

    Vitamin C: Not just for preventing colds

    Although Vitamin C is known for preventing colds and infection during the winter, don't overlook the other benefits of this...
  14. Makeup

    Product review: Michael Todd Cleanse and Tone

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    Michael Todd True Organics skin care is all the rage among bloggers and celebrities. The products are organic and don't have any of...
  15. Skincare

    The best face moisturizers for wintertime

    As the weather gets colder and windier, most women need to change up their skin care routine and give their face a little extra TLC....
  16. Skincare

    DIY simple shimmer body lotion

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    It’s the start of the party season, so get ready to shimmer and shine with this DIY simple shimmer body lotion. It’s an easy...
  17. Skincare

    DIY cranberry body butter

    It's that time of year when dry skin creeps up on us. Nip it in the bud with this seasonal DIY cranberry body butter.
  18. Skincare

    Sunless tanning products that make you look alive

    As autumn turns into winter, summer tans marked by swimsuit lines fade by mid-fall. With cooler weather wardrobes and less natural...
  19. Skincare

    Product review: Xen-Tan Moroccan Tan

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    As instant as counting from one to three, this tan is dark, deep and anything but orange.
  20. Skincare

    Product review: Brownberry New York Clear Sunless Tanning Spray

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    A clear spray to bronze your body — when a tan is clearly in order.