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    Ultherapy: A surgery-free facelift

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    Laugh lines can tell the tale of a full, happy life. But after a certain point, they’re like a story best kept to one’s...
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    Don't look 40 at 30: Save your skin with tips from a pro

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    Your skin is sacred – it’s the key to looking young and staying beautiful even as your biological clock ticks on. When...
  3. Skincare

    Natural ways to soothe sunburns

    Trying to get in a healthy dose of vitamin D? If you overdo it, the good news is that there are plenty of easy, natural solutions to...
  4. Makeup

    L'Oreal's new Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator: Review

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    There are creams and then there are "Beauty Balm" (BB) creams. L'Oreal is the latest brand to jump on the BB bandwagon, and its new...
  5. Makeup

    Review: The Body Shop Beautifying Oils for face, body and hair

    Summer is here, and that means there's a need for lighter scents and aromatherapy. The latest Beautifying Oils by The Body Shop are...
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    Ask Julianne Kaye: How to fight a sunburn

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    Sunburns are the downside to enjoying these great summer months, but don't worry your pretty little singed self. I'm going to tell...
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    Steps to reduce your risk of skin cancer

    As a dermatologist, I’ve always been dedicated to the health of my patients’ skin. However, as a patient and two-time melanoma...
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    Brandi Glanville's top tips for flawless skin

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    I don’t like to take a lot of chances on my face. I believe you have to walk a fine line between taking care of your skin and...
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    Summer moisturizing guide

    It's officially summer, which means the skin you’ve managed to hide all these months has no choice but to come out. Rising...
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    How to get glowing summer skin

    Welcome summer with healthy, beautifully tanned skin – without going in the sun. Self-tanners are probably one of the most...
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    Sunscreen for all skin types

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    Summer is here and there is no better time to learn about the basics of sunscreen in products. With so many to choose from, I broke...
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    Best summer skin-savers to stock up on

    Summer is great, but it can wreak havoc on our skin. From sweat to heat rash to burns and shiny complexions, there are more than a...
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    How to get your skin ready for summer

    The warm weather is here and the official first day of summer is right around the corner. Get your skin ready for the summer with...
  14. Makeup

    How to avoid summer beauty disasters

    Summertime is full of fun outdoor activities and events. However, being outdoors in the summer sun can also leave you primed for...
  15. Skincare

    The best sun protection products to spray, slather or eat

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    We want to stay young and beautiful while still having fun in the sun, right? How do we manage this balancing act? There are tons of...
  16. Makeup

    Pretty Little Things: Summer beauty essentials

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    Summer means moving away from heavy makeup and instead opting for products that offer a more fresh-faced look. This week on Pretty...
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    Head-to-toe tips to get your skin summer-ready

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    Are you ready to show some skin? Summer is all about wearing less and baring more than you usually do, which means making sure...
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    A complete sunscreen guide for summer

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    The end of the school year is in sight, and summer is just around the corner. My girlfriends and I can't wait to hit the beach!...
  19. Makeup

    Beauty Beat: Supermodel Josie Maran shows us how to get a safe summer glow

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    Supermodel turned beauty guru Josie Maran shares her beach beauty routine. From sunscreens to self-tanners, Josie’s...
  20. Makeup

    Beauty is as beauty does: Readers' beauty routines revealed!

    Sure, your mom may have told you that beauty is only skin deep, but that didn't stop her from teaching you a thing or two about...