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    Help! I have acne on my back

    Dear Bacne: You suck. We finally manage to discard (a.k.a. burn) every pimply-faced picture from when we were younger, and now you...
  2. Makeup & Skin Care

    How often should I exfoliate?

    Like many women, you probably have a daily skin care routine: wash, moisturize, repeat. This basic beauty regimen may seem to be...
  3. Makeup & Skin Care

    Hand wash or scrub brushes: Benefits of both

    Not sure if hand washing your face or using a scrub brush is the way to go? Here are the benefits of both to help you decide.
  4. Skincare

    6-Step fall skin care routine

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    Small changes and consistent care can make a big difference in skin appearance. For your freshest fall face, consider some tips to...
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    Beauty tips: Our best collection of top skin care and beauty secrets

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    Sometimes, a girl needs a little help looking her best. That's why the SheKnows Beauty & Style divas have put together a fabulous...