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    Cotton as a skin care ingredient: Hip or hype?

    Cotton is known for many things: Breathability. Softness. Comfort. Hayden Panettiere. Now, aspects of the fiber are making their way...
  2. Beauty

    7 Ways you should graduate your skin care routine out of high school

    These skin care habits would have horrified your teenage self, but now you need them more than ever.
  3. Skincare

    DIY springtime flip-flop shaped bath fizzies

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    A nice bath can do wonders for you. Why not make things more interesting by adding DIY springtime bath fizzies to your routine?
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    4 Dermatologists dish on their skin care routines

    Ditch your closets full of skin care lotions and potions. According to these four dermatologists, simplicity and consistency are the...
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    Help! I have acne on my back

    Dear Bacne: You suck. We finally manage to discard (a.k.a. burn) every pimply-faced picture from when we were younger, and now you...
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    How often should I exfoliate?

    Like many women, you probably have a daily skin care routine: wash, moisturize, repeat. This basic beauty regimen may seem to be...
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    Hand wash or scrub brushes: Benefits of both

    Not sure if hand washing your face or using a scrub brush is the way to go? Here are the benefits of both to help you decide.
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    6-Step fall skin care routine

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    Small changes and consistent care can make a big difference in skin appearance. For your freshest fall face, consider some tips to...
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    Beauty tips: Our best collection of top skin care and beauty secrets

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    Sometimes, a girl needs a little help looking her best. That's why the SheKnows Beauty & Style divas have put together a fabulous...