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  1. Skincare

    New app scans your acne then writes you a scrip

    A new mobile app makes getting skin care treatment for your acne easy peasy.
  2. Makeup & Skin Care

    Dermatologists share: Anti-aging tips that work

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    Grow old gracefully with some helpful advice from top dermatology experts.
  3. Skincare

    Product review: bliss triple oxygen ex-‘glow’-sion Moisture Cream

    As the weather turns cold and your skin turns dry, it's important to switch up your skin care routine. We're testing bliss' new...
  4. Skincare

    Product review: Joanna Vargas Exfoliating Mask

    Exfoliating is a vital part of your skin care routine, but one that many women skip. Make the process easy and fun with our new fave...
  5. Makeup and skin care how-tos

    How to exfoliate your lips

    As you go in for that first kiss, the last thing you want is the feeling of dry, cracked lips. A few simple tips can prevent this,...
  6. Skincare

    Why pores become enlarged and products that help minimize them

    Many factors outside your control can contribute to enlarged pores, but that doesn't mean you have to go down without a fight.
  7. Skincare

    Sunless tanning products that make you look alive

    As autumn turns into winter, summer tans marked by swimsuit lines fade by mid-fall. With cooler weather wardrobes and less natural...
  8. Makeup & Skin Care

    Night creams that are worth the price

    Looking for a great night cream that actually lives up to its price tag? We’ve got the lowdown! These products are worth every...
  9. Makeup & Skin Care

    Our favorite skin-detoxing scrubs

    Taking care of our skin — which is the largest organ of our body and is also known as our "third kidney" — is one of the most...
  10. Makeup and skin care how-tos

    SheKnows reviews your favorite CC cream

    It started with BB creams and then escalated to CC creams. So before DD creams start to invade our beauty routines at full speed,...
  11. Skincare

    The benefits of skin toner

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    Should a facial toner be part of our daily face regimen? Maybe — but make sure you are using one that benefits your skin!
  12. Skincare

    The only skin care products you'll ever need to use

    Ever walked into a drugstore, headed to the skin care aisle and left feeling dizzy? You're not alone. It seems like there's a new...
  13. Skincare

    Skin care products meant to work while you sleep

    What could be better than a product that helps you get gorgeous while you sleep? We're sharing our top picks for overnight beauty...
  14. Beauty & Fashion Bargains

    Bee venom: The key to healthy, youthful skin?

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    Would you let a bee sting you on purpose? Probably not, but apparently bee venom can have a positive impact on your skin — and a new...
  15. Beauty News & Deals

    Product review: Clarisonic Aria

    I admit that I'm overly protective of my skin. So, trying a beauty tool like the Clarisonic, despite its rave reviews, scared me....
  16. More Beauty & Style

    Perfect skin starts with a good foundation

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    Do you want perfect skin? It all starts with your foundation.
  17. Skincare

    Do I really need a serum?

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    Do you have skin problems and want immediate results? As the weather changes from winter to spring, is your moisturizer enough? Are...
  18. Skincare

    DIY moisturizing citrus hand cream

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    Who doesn’t want a great moisturizer for her hands? A sweet citrus scent makes things even better!
  19. Skincare

    DIY lemongrass body wash

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    You’ll look forward to spring showers when you have this invigorating body wash to use!
  20. Makeup & Skin Care

    10 Cheap must-have beauty products

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    The price of beauty doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, it can actually be cheap. Here are 10 must-have beauty products for moms...