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  1. Skincare

    Where you should live if you want less wrinkles

    When combating wrinkles, do you consider where you live a contributing factor? Well, you should. A recent study by ROC Skincare...
  2. Beauty

    DIY moisturizing lip stain

    While we all love a good strong lip, sometimes we crave something lighter for a natural daytime look. Give your lips the perfect...
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    Princess Diana cut back on alcohol to clear up her skin

    Princess Diana's makeup artist is speaking out nearly 17 years after her death, sharing the royal beauty was no diva about her skin...
  4. Makeup

    Cotton as a skin care ingredient: Hip or hype?

    Cotton is known for many things: Breathability. Softness. Comfort. Hayden Panettiere. Now, aspects of the fiber are making their way...
  5. Beauty

    5 Beauty products you need for scorching summer days

    Christine Mikesell of The 15 Minute Beauty shares her mid-summer beauty secrets.
  6. Makeup

    The right to bare armpits

    It may be all the rage to take part in the "anti-grooming movement," but remember, you still get to choose.
  7. Beauty

    4 Ways to stay totally fresh throughout the day

    I love a good morning routine. There's just something special about starting off your day with a fresh face and a nice cup of tea.
  8. Beauty

    My cool and fresh California morning routine

    To get myself accustomed to the California heat, that meant making a few easy but effective switches to my morning routine. First,...
  9. Living

    Delightfully easy DIY lip scrub

    Lips need a good scrub every week, and this recipe is great for nourishing and conditioning dry lips after the long winter.
  10. Makeup

    Salt scrubs versus sugar scrubs: When to use each

    You've likely noticed that the beauty aisle is chock- full of both sugar and salt scrubs. Some of the products sound pretty gourmet,...
  11. Makeup

    Product alert: Fancy deodorant inspired by monks

    Glamorous deodorant may seem like an oxymoron, but think again because a pretty fabulous deodorant awaits you. It's actually...
  12. Beauty 365

    The FDA and cosmetics — not as safe as you think

    The beauty aisle may look pristine, but it's more of a jungle than you think.
  13. Makeup

    Beauty myth busted: Drinking water reverses wrinkles

    You've seen a dried-out sponge, right? Cracked, wrinkled and worse for wear. That same sponge perks up nicely, though, with just a...
  14. Makeup

    Cover a blemish like the pros

    Learn how to hide those pesky blemishes with this SheKnows how-to video.
  15. Living

    Thirty-somethings share: What I would change in my twenties

    We asked several thirty-something women to open up about what they would have done differently when they were in their 20s. Here's...
  16. Skincare

    What's the deal with charcoal cleansers?

    A beauty trend as counter-intuitive as rubbing dirt on your face — nay, dirt collected from the bowels of the earth — is likely to...
  17. Beauty 365

    Low-maintenance tips for beautiful feet

    Nothing is more unattractive than cracking feet. And with flip-flop season around the corner, it’s important that your bottom...
  18. Beauty 365

    Skin care tips for each part of your body

    It's been a long winter and your skin needs plenty of TLC to recover from the cold. But not all skin is created equal, which can...
  19. Beauty

    7 Ways you should graduate your skin care routine out of high school

    These skin care habits would have horrified your teenage self, but now you need them more than ever.
  20. Skincare

    DIY individual shower soap jellies

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    Looking for a way to make shower time more fun? Try these DIY individual shower jellies (good for bath time, too). They’ll wiggle...