1. Shopping

    Kitchen stuff to help you cook comfortably

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    Whether you love to cook or you prepare meals simply as a means to have food that will nourish your body, standing for long periods...
  2. Décor & Style

    5 Things you should know about wood floors

    Regardless of what color your walls or the style of your furniture, one of the most important parts of your home decor is beneath...
  3. Home

    Top 10 Green cars

    We all would love to have a hot pair of new wheels, but while we're involved in the search, maybe we should seek out cars that are...
  4. Tips & Advice

    Tips to shop peacefully with young children

    Shopping with kids can be oh-so-stressful, but these easy tips will make your next trip a lot more enjoyable.
  5. Organizing

    Luxury cleaning products: Which ones actually work?

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    Say goodbye to the pine scented household cleaners you grew up with and say hello to the latest luxury cleaning products that will...
  6. Gifts

    10 Fabulous gifts under $100

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    Looking for a great gift on a budget? These 10 gifts will wow the recipient without draining your bank account. Check them out!
  7. Shopping

    10 Fabulous gifts, $500 to $1000

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    Whether you are shopping for the gourmet or the adventurer in your life, these gifts have something for everyone. Check out these...
  8. Living

    Tips for mixing and matching kids clothes

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    It's more important than ever to really make your dollar stretch as far as it will go – and that is especially true when it comes to...
  9. School & Education

    Backpack safety

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    Carrying a backpack is one of those necessary evils of going to school (how else are you supposed to carry your books around?). The...
  10. Family Fun

    Great Michigan malls for families

    If you’re a parent who can’t imagine how a day at the mall with children can be enjoyable, then you haven’t visited some of...
  11. Relationships

    Is it better to buy an engagement ring online or in-store?

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    It's no secret that e-commerce is the wave of the future. Through a simple click of the mouse, millions of shoppers are saving a...
  12. Diet

    New grocery store pioneers a healthier way to shop

    It's the eternal snack question: Why so much bag for so few chips, food companies? There's nothing like opening up a new bag of...
  13. Beauty & Style

    JC Penney debuts mannequins with body diversity

    What do a pro basketball player, a dwarf, a mom of three, a woman in a wheelchair and a man who is a double-leg amputee all have in...
  14. Fashion & Style

    Forever 21 opens a new, even cheaper store

    Life in the fast fashion lane is about to get... faster? The already notoriously cheap trend factory Forever 21 will a open new, get...
  15. Fashion & Style

    J.Crew is preparing to launch a budget-friendly line

    Calling all people who love J.Crew, but don’t always love its price tag. Our day has come.