1. Tips & Advice

    Please, people — teach your kids to tie their shoes

    Take a look around the elementary school playground these days, and laces are almost nonexistent on kids younger than fifth grade....
  2. Beauty

    DIY designs to spice up a pair of canvas shoes

    Pick up a pair of basic canvas sneakers or slip-ons for less than 10 bucks. Then indulge your creative side by customizing with...
  3. Fashion & Style

    How to wear sneakers and still look girly

    You love the feel of sneakers, but you're so not a tomboy. We get it (we aren't either). But turns out, you can still rock pumped-up...
  4. Beauty

    6 Shoes that prove platforms are totally back in style

    Sneaker wedges may have had their moment, but now a new comfy pumped-up kick is here to rule the summer. The "ugly shoe" trend is...
  5. Beauty

    Revamp your shoe collection without breaking the bank

    The shoes can make the outfit. But many of us struggle with not having a well-rounded footwear collection. There are some styles —...
  6. Fashion & Style

    Multifunctional accessories that understand us as people

    We expect a lot from the items in our closets, and that's why we're in love with these multitasking accessories. From a ring that...
  7. Fashion & Style

    Fab find: An accessory that could change how we wear shoes

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    Hickies are fashion-forward — but it's not what you think. A few innovators created a way to turn those lace-ups into slip-ons in a...
  8. Fashion & Style

    Funky and wearable flip-flops

    When you think flip-flops, you probably think of those rubber shower shoes you bought in college that cost $1.99 at the drugstore....
  9. Fashion & Style

    Chic and comfortable summer sandals

    Summer is here. That means we can finally release our feet from the shackles of heavy boots and socks and allow them to see the sun...
  10. Fashion & Style

    Fashion disasters that have happened to everyone

    From an accidental nip-slip to a full-blown Marilyn Monroe, chances are you've had your share of embarrassing fashion incidents....
  11. Fashion & Style

    Waterproof shoes that are still cute

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    Depending on where you live, winter can bring a whole lot of snow, rain and everything in between. But don't let the precipitation...
  12. Fashion & Style

    How to repair your favorite shoes

    You don't need to discard your favorite pair of shoes just because they're in disrepair. Save some money by troubleshooting common...
  13. Bargains, Savings & Shopping Tips releases 2013 Black Friday ad

    We're not going to say shoes are the most important gift you could give during the holiday season, but we're also not going to deny...
  14. Fashion & Style

    Great shoes to pair with your skinny jeans

    So you just found the perfect pair of skinny jeans — the ideal combination of hip and age-appropriate. Plus, they hug your body in...
  15. Women's Health

    Stretches for women who wear high heels

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    Let's face it, your body just wasn't built for walking around on its tippy-toes all day, every day.
  16. Skincare

    Best summer shoe trends

    Before you break out the riding boots for fall, treat your feet to some fun in the sun. We asked stylist Alexandra Evjen of AVE...
  17. Parenting

    Picking the right school shoes for your kid

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    You have bought the new backpack, school supplies and lunch box — and now it is time to tackle back-to-school shoe shopping!...
  18. Fashion & Style

    4 Hip chick outfits styled by SheKnows

    SheKnows has the ShoeDazzle bug again! We took four of their July launches and styled them to show how the right pair of shoes can...
  19. Shopping for Beauty & Fashion

    5 Shoes every woman should have in her closet

    Are you overwhelmed by your shoe collection? Looking to expand your current one? Here are the five pairs of shoes that we think...
  20. Fashion & Style

    Adorable Dolce Vita sandals, styled 3 ways

    The warm weather is finally here, which means it's time to ditch your boots and opt for a fabulous pair of sandals. Looking for a...