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    Is a Pretty Little Liar walking down the aisle?

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    It's a nice week for a little white lie. Pretty Little Liars is going bridal in what ABC Family is calling "the biggest day in...
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    Pretty Little Liars review: And the new A suspect is Ali's mom

    There's enough suspicion to go around on Pretty Little Liars , and this episode it's Mrs. DiLaurentis' turn to have the A finger...
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    Pretty Little Liars review: Aria comes in like a wrecking ball

    Everyone's depressed on Pretty Little Liars lately, which has us feeling, well, depressed. Fingers crossed it's uphill from here,...
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    It's all downhill for Pretty Little Liars

    Same stuff, different episode. And now that Pretty Little Liars has psyched out fans once again, viewers might just be giving up...
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    Pretty Little Liars review: The truth doesn't set Ezra free

    Ezra's got a secret, and he definitely couldn't keep it. No amount of lies can dig him out of this grave. Come to think of it, we're...
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    Pretty Little Liars review: The child-proof lid is off for Spencer

    The answers are all in Spencer's head, but those prescription pills aren't doing her any favors. She pops one too many tonight on...
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    Pretty Little Liars ' Facebook interview: 5 shockers for 4B

    The stars of Pretty Little Liars dished on the second half of Season 4 in their hour-long Facebook Live interview Monday. Find out...
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    Pretty Little Liars girls plan first live interview together

    The Pretty Little Liars girls are taking to Facebook for their first live interview, in which they'll be answering fan questions...
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    Pretty Little Liars : 12 Clues we should've seen

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    Now that we know A's identity on Pretty Little Liars — the show has assured us it's for real — there are so many things we should...
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    Pretty Little Liars : Top 5 things for the show's return

    It was an explosive episode Tuesday night on Pretty Little Liars , and the show is finally leaving us itching for more. Here are...
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    Pretty Little Liars recap: A is finally for answers

    This had better not be a joke or another Mona moment because this reveal is the biggest yet! A's identity has been uncovered. For...
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    Pretty Little Liars recap: "Bring the Hoe Down"

    The girls attend the school's hoedown hoping to track down information about A, as always. Instead, Hanna finds a stalker that just...
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    Friday's Fashion Obsessions: Shay Mitchell and Minka Kelly

    Shay Mitchell and Minka Kelly's beautiful celebrity styles made us do a double take this week! We're telling you why in this week's...
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    Pretty Little Liars recap: "The Mirror Has Three Faces"

    Poor Ezra's been living in a lie and just as his world comes crashing down around him, Aria's seems to be coming together again. Is...
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    10 Reasons Pretty Little Liars should sweep the 2013 Teen Choice Awards

    Hey, we're not surprised Pretty Little Liars stands to snag seven surfboards at this year's Teen Choice Awards... we think the...
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    Pretty Little Liars recap: "Into the Deep"

    Emily's surprise party doesn't go as planned when the girls find Jenna face down in the lake. Luckily, it looks like she's going to...
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    Pretty Little Liars recap: "The Guilty Girl's Handbook"

    Hanna plans her biggest lie yet with Mona's help. Before she can pull it off, however, Mona makes a move of her own, and it could...
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    Pretty Little Liars recap: "Crash and Burn, Girl!"

    Why does A have to continue to be this big, bad secret? S/he's going to hurt the liars' families whether they spill or not. That's...
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    Pretty Little Liars recap: "Under the Gun"

    Shana is the newest addition to Rosewood High, much to the liars' dismay, but they have bigger problems. Did anyone actually think...
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    Pretty Little Liars recap: "Gamma Zeta Die!"

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    Because Ivy League colleges cost a lot of money. It's hard work, people.