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    Sharon Osbourne brawls with Jonah Hill's brother at Grammys bash

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    Sharon Osbourne's temper flared at a pre-Grammy gala and the fiery redhead attacked Jonah Hill's brother — with food!
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    Julie Chen talks smack about Jenny McCarthy

    This celebrity feud doesn't want to end. The ladies of The Talk slam Jenny McCarthy on The Howard Stern Show .
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    Sharon Osbourne makes nice with the ladies of The View

    Sharon Osbourne manned up and apologized to the ladies of The View for her "irreverent" remarks and telling them to go f***...
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    VIDEO: Sharon Osbourne mouths off about The View

    Sharon Osbourne has never held back with her opinions. That was evident on Wednesday when she spoke about the hosts of another...
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    Jack Osbourne wants to win DWTS for everyone with MS

    Jack Osbourne is competing on Dancing With the Stars despite his multiple sclerosis, and he wants it to inspire everyone suffering...
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    Kelly Osbourne rejects Lady Gaga's peace offering

    Kelly Osbourne is not ready to forgive and forget. The Fashion Police star has rejected Lady Gaga's peace offering and has...
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    Kim Kardashian: Celebs who lost weight on the Atkins diet

    When the Atkins diet first gained popularity in the '90s, it was a dream come true because people could eat bacon and eggs three...
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    Kris & Bruce Jenner: Are these celeb couples onto something?

    So Kris and Bruce Jenner are living in two separate houses. How scandalous! Or is it? If you've been married for more than 10 years,...
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    Sharon Osbourne dishes the dirt on fling with Jay Leno

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    Sharon Osbourne doesn't keep much of her private life under wraps. On Monday's episode of The Talk , she dropped a bombshell about...
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    PHOTOS: Celebs stuffing their faces

    They don't call it comfort food for nothing. There's something so soothing about chowing down on hearty fare during the brisk fall...
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    Sharon Osbourne put Kelly "in a padded cell" to fight drugs

    Kelly Osbourne wasn't always the confident, responsible person she is today. She says her mom did all she could to help her fight...
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    People Sharon Osbourne hates: Bieber, Kanye & Weiner

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    Who does Sharon Osbourne despise? Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Anthony Weiner all get rough treatment by the notoriously brutal star.
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    Sharon and Ozzy reconcile: Madly in love at Daytime Emmys

    Sharon Osbourne has clearly forgiven her rocker husband, Ozzy Osbourne. Ozzy is 44 days sober, and the couple looked madly in love...
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    Ozzy, Sharon Osbourne together for red carpet reunion

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    Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne were quite cozy for photographers over the weekend, but does that translate to renewed marital bliss?
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    Sharon Osbourne "devastated" by Ozzy's relapse

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    Sharon Osbourne is standing by her man as she discusses Ozzy's relapse on The Talk.
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    Sharon Osbourne's 911 call released: Did she cover for Ozzy?

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    Sharon Osbourne's newly released 911 call from a January house fire is raising a few eyebrows. Was she covering for Ozzy's drug and...
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    Ozzy Osbourne back on the crazy train, but not divorcing

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    Ozzy Osbourne is putting the split rumors to rest — but that doesn't mean everything is hunky dory in TV's favorite reality family.
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    Jack Osbourne says rumors of parents' split are "bullsh*t"

    Rumors surfaced over the weekend that Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne were on the rocks. Son Jack says nope.
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    Are the Osbournes on the outs?

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    Has the ultimate royal rock couple split up? Rumor has it that Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne are on the outs — but is it true?
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    Lindsay Lohan not pregnant, neither is Sharon Osbourne

    Both Lindsay Lohan and Sharon Osbourne pulled pranks on the world yesterday, claiming to be pregnant. But no.