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    You're Next movie review: How to kill with a blender

    This home invasion slasher flick offers one crafty, kick-a** heroine and a family so messed up, you'll enjoy watching them get...
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    INTERVIEW: 6 Things you didn't know about You're Next star Sharni Vinson

    Sharni Vinson stars in the new horror flick You’re Next , but you may be asking yourself, who’s Sharni Vinson? SheKnows gets...
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    Sharni Vinson kicks butt in You're Next

    You're Next is an all-new kind of horror movie: one where the girl isn't the screaming victim. This time, the chick is the hero...
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    Kellan Lutz brings new love to Breaking Dawn premiere

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    Though Kellan Lutz has been coy in the past about his off-screen affairs, the hunky action hero has a new lady in his life, and he's...