1. Celebrity Gossip

    YouTube unveils most watched videos of 2010

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    According to YouTube, over 13 million hours of video were uploaded in 2010 and they’re unleashing the best of the best including...
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Ricky Martin and Shakira against AZ immigration law

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    Both Ricky Martin and Shakira are speaking out against a new immigration law that would allow Arizona police to stop and question...
  3. Music

    Top 10 songs of 2009

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    The top 10 songs of 2009 are a varied bunch. From a classic The Black Eyed Peas party anthem, the frivilious joy of LMFAO's La La...
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    Cyber Monday entertainment madness

    Cyber Monday is the internet's answer to Black Friday and the sales show no signs of slowing on your favorite pop culture items....
  5. Music

    Shakira launches She Wolf

    Although Beyonce's single calls out all the single ladies to put their hands up, Shakira gives a shout out to singles in her new...
  6. Celebrity Gossip

    America's Got Talent finals

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    On the America's Got Talent final, each act hoped they would be singing and dancing their way into earning $1 million. Everyone...
  7. Hair

    Shakira's hair has us flabbergasted

    She's a judge on the The Voice but Shakira's hair has really caught our attention lately.