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    Rob Lowe, king of sex tape scandals, is hilarious in Sex Tape

    An original member of the '80s Brat Pack, Robe Lowe's baby blue eyes, square jaw and jutting chin still entice women of all ages....
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    EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Shockers Cameron Diaz won't tell mom in Sex Tape

    In the age of the Cloud, a mystifying web storage device no one really seems to understand, the potential for a digital sex tape to...
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    Is it a food or sex position? Sex Tape cast plays our game

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    Our own Elise Upperman came up with a fun little game to play with the cast of the movie. Trust us, some of these terms will blow...
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    VIDEO: Vivid demands Farrah Abraham stay silent

    Farrah Abraham has reportedly been sent a cease and desist letter, which demands that her upcoming erotic novel omit all of Vivid...
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    True story: My partner and I made a sex tape

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    Getting creative with your sex life isn't just about new toys or new places to try the deed. Sometimes, it's about empowering...
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    What Mariah Carey and Charles Ramsey have in common

    Some weeks turn into a veritable treasure chest of videos, and don’t look now folks, but this is one of those weeks. There was so...
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    5 Celebs' thoughts about sex tapes

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    Reese Witherspoon gave certain celebrities a verbal dressing down (so to speak) at the MTV Video Awards this week when she slammed...