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  1. Sex Tips, Sex Toys & Fun

    I swore off sex for a month

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    When I told my boyfriend I wanted to give up sex for 30 days, he hooted with laughter. But the process was anything but funny.
  2. Sex Facts & Studies

    The sex-starved marriage: When your libidos don't match

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    Many couples find themselves tangled in a troubling web when their sex drives are different, and it can wreck havoc on a marriage....
  3. Sex Tips, Sex Toys & Fun

    10 Fun sex facts

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    What's the average size of a guy's equipment? Where can't you buy "marital aids" – and speaking of sex toys, why do some Japanese...
  4. Sex After Kids

    Getting your sex drive back

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    You know you wanted it once upon a time. You know you had a good reason for buying that black suspender-corset thingy that's...
  5. Libido & Sexuality

    Low libido? The illusion of sexual individuality

    Sexually, we like to think that we have it together, that we are more sophisticated and sexually aware now than at any other time in...
  6. Seduction Techniques

    Living "libido" loca

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    She's in the mood and he's not. Then he's in the mood and she's not. It's a familiar downward spiral for many couples that causes...