1. Relationships

    Does Satisfaction predict the future of relationships?

    Modern life means modern relationship problems. In USA Network’s new original drama series Satisfaction , a couple at their...
  2. Sex

    SexyChem video explains the formula for good sex

    Think the topic of chemistry is only for fans of The Big Bang Theory? Turns out there's quite a bit of chemistry involved in sex —...
  3. Relationships

    Mom and corporate employee by day, swinger by night

    When Sabrina and her husband opened up their marriage — and their bed — to other partners, they discovered a whole new world.
  4. Relationships

    Exotic dancer and former porn star Katie Morgan opens up about married life

    If you bumped into Katie Morgan walking down a Los Angeles boulevard, you'd likely think she was like any other gorgeous blonde in...
  5. Sex

    One woman's escape from sex trafficking

    Even at 44 years old, tears well up in Gwen J.'s eyes when she recalls the day both her mother and pimp put her out on the street...
  6. Sex

    The odd ingredients in your condoms and lube

    Whether you use them together or separately, condoms and lubricants can be made from some ingredients you may not have imagined.
  7. Sex

    Fact or fiction? Casual sex is good for your well-being

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    Previous research indicates that a casual romp is bad for your mental health, but a new survey says it's the perfect pick-me-up.
  8. Sex

    Introducing a $169 award-winning personal massager

    Lelo, a brand known for its ultra-luxe sex toys, has launched the Ora — the latest addition to its high-end line. The good news:...
  9. Tips & Advice

    How internet porn is changing "the talk" with our kids

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    When in doubt, go ahead and blame everything on porn.
  10. Dating

    How women really feel about hooking up

    Back in the '80s, a casual sex study came out that revealed 70 percent of men would agree to have sex with a stranger when...
  11. Sex

    Everyone is having sex on Thursdays

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    Think weekends are when most people get busy? Think again: Data from a new app reveals that most people are getting busy before the...
  12. Love & Sex

    5 Things to know about the history of sex workers

    Modern-day sex workers defy common stereotypes, even though they're typically reviled as "the other woman," or embraced as a symbol...
  13. Sex

    Sex positions for the car

    Ooooh, car sex: Shifting into high gear while your automobile is in park recalls those heady teenage days when sex seemed forbidden....
  14. Sex

    Sex positions for the shower

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    Wet, naked bodies... Slippery surfaces... The shower was practically made for getting it on. Equipped with the right tools (think:...
  15. Celebrity Gossip

    Katy Perry dishes the dirt on her sex life & ex-lovers

    Katy Perry is no stranger to heartbreak, but she's moving on with her life, and rebounds and one-night stands aren't part of the...
  16. Sex

    To tighten or not to tighten your vagina?

    Vaginal rejuvenation procedures are on the rise — but are they safe?
  17. Dating

    12 Thoughts every woman has while Tindering

    Whether you've dabbled on Tinder or lied about dabbling on Tinder (the only two real options, really,) chances are you've had one or...
  18. Baby

    Babies cry so you won't have sex

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    The sound of newborn babies crying at night is an expected rite of passage into parenthood, but did you ever wonder why they cry? We...
  19. Celebrity Gossip

    Terry Richardson under fire after model's sex allegations

    Famed photographer Terry Richardson has found himself in hot water again after he allegedly propositioned a model for sex in...
  20. Sex

    What to do when he's really bad in bed

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    Even though what happens between the sheets is only a fraction of what makes a fulfilling relationship, still — it’s a pretty...