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  1. Celebrity Gossip

    Scott Foley remains craving-free with baby three on the way

    Scott Foley and his wife are soon to be outnumbered by their offspring. The hunky dad has announced some big baby news to the public.
  2. Television

    Who's hotter: Scandal 's Scott Foley vs. Columbus Short

    These two Kansas City boys rock their roles on Scandal . Who do you think is hotter?
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    8 Characters who've been killed off on Grey's Anatomy

    Loyal Grey's Anatomy fans have followed Meredith and the gang through 10 seasons of medical drama, and the years haven't been...
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    Scandal burning question: Are you Team Fitz or Team Jake?

    On ABC's Scandal , fixer Olivia Pope can choose between two men. Should she wait for the love of her life or be with someone...
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    Jennifer Garner finally dishes on what ended her first marriage

    Jennifer Garner had a very different life before meeting her current husband, but she rarely talks about that first marriage, or why...
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    Scandal news: Lisa Kudrow & Scott Foley are steppin' up

    What's ahead for Season 3 of Scandal ? We'll tell you!
  7. Television

    The Goodwin Games finale recap: Everyone gets some closure

    Neil Patrick Harris directed the series finale of The Goodwin Games , where Henry discovers he's not actually a robot, Chloe...
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    Scott Foley's 6 best TV roles

    Scott Foley has played everything from sweet and funny guys to tough and bad*ss guys. Find out which of his TV roles we think are...
  9. Television

    The Goodwin Games recap: Family always tells you the truth

    In this episode of The Goodwin Games , called "Hamletta," Chloe learns that sometimes the truth hurts and that sometimes it can be...
  10. Television

    The Goodwin Games recap: Henry reveals a secret

    In this episode of The Goodwin Games called "Small Town," each of the siblings struggles to adjust to life in Granby again, and...
  11. Television

    The Goodwin Games recap: Let the games begin!

    FOX's The Goodwin Games begins with the siblings coming home for a funeral, continues with a lot of laughs and ends with some...
  12. Television

    The Goodwin Games sneak peek: Meet the siblings

    Scott Foley ( Scandal ) stars in FOX's new comedy The Goodwin Games . Check out a sneak peek video and meet the rest of the cast.
  13. Television

    Fox's Goodwin Games sets May premiere date

    Fox's comedy, The Goodwin Games , has finally found a start time. Now, thanks to the lead actor, we've been brought into the loop!
  14. Television

    Grey's Anatomy's Scott Foley to True Blood!

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    Grey's Anatomy , Cougar Town and Felicity cutie Scott Foley is getting into the True Blood drama. Will we finally see this...
  15. Television

    Grey's Anatomy: Adrift and at Peace

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    Derek takes Cristina fishing on Grey's Anatomy: Adrift and at Peace tonight, December 2. Scott Foley guest stars as a patient who...