1. School & Education

    How to stay connected with your child’s teacher

    Want your kiddo to get to the head of the class this year? You're going to have to stay in contact with her teacher.
  2. School & Education

    How to make school lunch more fun

    Do your kids get jealous of what other moms pack in their friends' lunches? Not to worry. Clinton Kelly, co-host of the TV show The...
  3. School & Education

    What your child's teacher wishes you knew

    Few people in your children's lives will spend as much time with them as their teachers, so it makes sense to be on same page as...
  4. School & Education

    10 Lunch boxes we love

    They want a lunch box that looks cool, you want one that actually works. Serve both purposes with these 10 lunch boxes that rock.
  5. School & Education

    Yay or nay: Notes in your child’s lunch box

    Are notes in your child’s lunch box cute and thoughtful or do they just end up in the trash with your child’s banana peel? We...
  6. School & Education

    9 Moms on how they prep school lunch

    Dreading the grind of making school lunches every morning? We rounded up the best school lunch hacks from moms that will have you...
  7. Fashion & Style

    QUIZ: What kind of jeans are you?

    Returning to school this fall? Then it's time to find out which type of jeans is Most Likely to Succeed in your wardrobe.
  8. School & Education

    School supplies your kid actually needs

    You probably have a list of school supplies about a mile long, but what does your kid really need? We're here to help.
  9. School & Education

    How to handle food allergies at school

    Dealing with your child's food allergy is never easy; however, it can be especially nerve-wracking when he is at school and not...
  10. Fashion & Style

    7 Totally functional fashion accessories

    When you head back to school this fall, give new meaning to "extra credit" by scooping up one of these functional fashion...
  11. Tips & Advice

    Back to school: 12 Adorable lunch boxes

    One of the best things about back-to-school is a new lunch box, and these cute finds are our favorites of the season.
  12. K-12

    This insanely difficult test is required to get into elite NYC kindergartens

    In New York City, elite schools are using an updated — and even harder — version of IQ testing to find the best and brightest...
  13. School & Education

    School car lines are out of control

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    Elegant, smooth and focused participation in her son's school drop-off and pickup lines is something this author has not yet...
  14. Toddler & Preschoolers

    The biggest mistakes parents make with pre-K kids

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    Let’s face it — parenting preschoolers can be a tough gig. We chatted with parenting experts to find out the biggest mistakes...
  15. School & Education

    20 Gifts your kid's teacher actually wants

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    Show your appreciation to your kid's teacher with these 20 gifts that she actually wants. Regardless of your budget, we have rounded...
  16. K-12

    How you can help bring back Reading Rainbow

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    Kickstarter has famously funded cool tech gadgets, small businesses and even feature films like Veronica Mars . Today, a...
  17. School & Education

    These educators teach outside the box

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    Teachers help shape our kids, but some teachers go above and beyond to bring classroom lessons to life and make a real difference in...
  18. School & Education

    Teachers behaving badly: Troubling allegations of abuse

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    Teachers are expected to be good role models for our kids, taking care of their learning and well-being while they are away from us....
  19. K-12

    Kindergartner assaulted by teacher in the hallway

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    It's a video you have to see to believe — and you certainly don't want to believe that something like this could happen in a school.
  20. Tips & Advice

    Survival training for school?

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    Lockdown drills have become commonplace in our schools, and our children are fully aware there is the potential for a school...