school uniforms

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    School uniform? Here's how to create the perfect fit

    Even though wikiHow says that the key to a nicely fitted school uniform is incorporating "fishnet tights and stuff," wisdom tells me...
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    How to personalize a school uniform

    As easy as it might make life for Mom and Dad, kids are almost never fans of school uniforms. Luckily, there are still plenty of...
  3. School & Education

    Explaining school uniforms to kids

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    School uniforms are becoming more and more popular but are often met with resistance by our children. If your school is making the...
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    Best prices on uniform fashions

    As the school year is approaching, we're sure there are still quite a few to-dos to be checked off the list for your kiddos. Helping...
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    6 Ways to personalize a school uniform

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    School uniforms are a parent’s best friend. No hassle every school morning over what to wear. That’s got to save you at least 15...
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    Shoes that dress up a school uniform

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    Although school uniforms have come a long way, wearing stock clothing day in and day out can be a fate worse than death for kids....