1. Organizing

    Our favorite fabric scents for every season

    Scent is one of the most powerful triggers of memory and emotion. If you have to do laundry anyway — because, let's get real, it's...
  2. Décor & Style

    Spring-inspired scents to help you relax

    More than any other sense, smell affects our mood and state of mind. From candles to essential oils and more, opt for these...
  3. Beauty How-Tos

    How to pick your signature scent

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    When choosing the right scent, you want to pick one that not only smells great, but also fits your personality. Here are some tips...
  4. Organizing

    What your favorite household scent says about you

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    Do you love the fresh scent of lemon, or prefer the relaxing scent of lavender flowers? Your nose may know more than you think it...
  5. Makeup

    Celebrity scents: Purr by Katy Perry

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    Katy Perry adds her name to the long list of celebrities with their own fragrances. Her latest endeavor, her first fragrance Purr by...
  6. Organizing

    Surprising ways to add scent to your home

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    Sure, you can freshen the scent of your home with candles and potpourri, but there are so many other unique ways to brighten up the...