saving money

  1. Finance

    5 BS facts about saving money that everyone thinks are true

    Do you not make enough money to save any? Are savings accounts the best places to store money? Is a home a good investment? Let’s...
  2. Finance

    7 Reasons why banking with a credit union saves you money

    Ever wondered what the difference is between banking with a credit union and a traditional bank? We did too… and we found that...
  3. Finance

    Innovative ways to save more money

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    When were were little, we put change into our piggy banks. Now that we're grown, we're told to invest in our future via savings...
  4. Finance

    How to save for an awesome vacation

    Don't let money woes prevent you from taking an awesome vacation. There are plenty of little ways to save for vacation everyday....
  5. Finance

    Your super guide to spending, saving and investing

    It's a common fear. Women are masters of organizing their homes, multi-tasking with families and juggling multiple responsibilities,...
  6. Tips & Advice

    10 Clever money-saving tips for busy moms

    If anyone calls you Mom, I am going to guess that "busy" is your middle name. If your days look anything like mine, you're probably...
  7. Diet

    7 Ways staying healthy can save you money

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    Staying healthy has many benefits — from an overall better quality of life to a longer life. But did you know it can also save you...
  8. Finance

    How to become financially fit in 5 easy steps

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    After going through some tough financial times, Jordan Page and her husband have found the secret to making frugality fun. Their...
  9. Finance

    Easy ways to spend less in November

    It’s November! Time to get ready for Thanksgiving, finalize your holiday travel itinerary and finish (or start…) Christmas shopping....
  10. Finance

    Easy ways to spend less in October

    October has arrived — meaning Halloween is near and the holidays are fast approaching. Here’s how you can spend less...
  11. Finance

    7 Surprising uses for common household items

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    You've curled that tube of toothpaste down to the tip and you're desperately trying to squeeze out more. You're scraping the sides...
  12. Travel

    Tips for saving money on the road

    Road trips are a blast, but the hit your wallet takes is no fun at all. These tips will help you save money on the road.
  13. Beauty How-Tos

    How to make the most selling clothes at a consignment store

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    New and used fashion recycle stores are popping up everywhere. They’re a great place to buy cute clothes and to earn some cash by...
  14. School & Education

    Saving money after school starts

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    It's that time again. If your kids have not already gone back to school, they should be starting soon. You have probably already...
  15. Finance

    Beyond coupons: 10 Tips for getting more

    Coupons aren't the only way to save big bucks at the checkout counter!
  16. Finance

    We asked, you answered: How much do you save per month?

    Have you ever wondered how much money others are saving per month? Well, look no further. We asked a variety of individuals and...
  17. Finance

    25 Ways you’re losing money

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    Do you ever get to the end of the month and wonder where all your cash went? So do we! That's why we uncovered the top 25 ways...
  18. Travel

    5 Ways to save money on a cruise

    When thinking of affordable vacations, cruises often come to mind. Though the cruise itself is usually incredibly affordable, all...
  19. Parenting

    Best uses for your tax refund

    In 2012, the Internal Revenue Service issued refunds to 110,471,000 taxpayers. The average taxpayer refund was a whopping $2,803.
  20. Cooking & Entertaining

    Writing a shopping list that cuts your grocery bill

    There's no need to spend hundreds at the grocery store every month to make sure your family has great meals. You just need a few...