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  1. Television

    Bieber isn't the only Justin who can host and sing

    Justin Timberlake has two major reasons to don a tuxedo.
  2. Television

    Alabama Shakes makes some waves on Saturday Night Live

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    Alabama Shakes made their mark this weekend when they performed on Saturday Night Live , making music fans take notice.
  3. Television

    SNL isn't giving up comedy for Lent

    Saturday Night Live serves up laughable Lent-inspired skits.
  4. Television

    Justin Bieber to host and perform on SNL

    Justin vs. Nemo face-off for control of your television. Will it be East Coast weather updates or SNL Weekend Update?
  5. Television

    SNL just can't get enough of Adam Levine

    Adam Levine is hosting Saturday Night Live ! (It's okay if you swooned just then. We did, too.) Prediction: Our favorite funny guy...
  6. Television

    Awesome! Jennifer Lawrence hosts SNL , Lumineers perform

    Are you ready for a brand-new SNL ? This week's host is the fresh and funny Jennifer Lawrence.
  7. Television

    SNL 's Sandy Hook tribute

    Last weekend, Saturday Night Live showed some heart and still managed to bust guts. If you haven't seen it yet, grab tissues before...
  8. Television

    Did Samuel L. Jackson drop the F-Bomb on SNL ?

    The actor was one of the many guest stars Saturday night on the last new episode of SNL this year, but it looks like he may have...
  9. Television

    Reasons to watch SNL : Paul McCartney & Martin Short

    Just as it was once again beginning to feel like it was too much to ask for a funny SNL, they go and do this!
  10. Celebrity Gossip

    Hugh Grant and 9 other celebs banned from talk shows

    Jon Stewart's revelation that Hugh Grant isn't welcome back at The Daily Show is amusing, but not at all unusual — talk shows...
  11. Television

    Jeremy Renner pokes fun at The Avengers in SNL sketch

    At this point, almost everyone has seen The Avengers. It was a huge blockbuster that featured a team of superheroes. One of them was...
  12. Television

    Yum. Jeremy Renner & Adam Levine on SNL this week!

    Can SNL redeem itself after last week's yawn-worthy episode? Hopefully. Jeremy Renner and the guys from Maroon 5 should help.
  13. Television

    Will anyone actually watch SNL this week?

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    Anne Hathaway is hosting SNL with Rihanna on Saturday. Expectations? Pretty low. Even the promos aren't funny. But, hey! Maybe...
  14. Television

    Saturday's SNL prediction: Expect awesome!

    Christina Applegate is hosting SNL this week. Since Applegate can do no wrong, it's sure to be a great episode and, hopefully,...
  15. Olympics

    Goodbye Hollywood: Ryan Lochte returns to the pool

    The swimmer has had fun on the side, but it looks like he wants to return to his one true love (for more than one night), the pool.
  16. Television

    Ryan Lochte is okay with SNL parody

    When the swimmer found out he had been parodied by the Family Guy creator, he was worried. He's being a good sport but still says it...
  17. Television

    Seth MacFarlane talks about talent at SNL

    Seth MacFarlane will kick off the 38th season of the show along with singer Frank Ocean and a slew of new cast members.
  18. Television

    Jason Sudeikis bites the bullet for SNL return

    Saturday Night Live just dodged a bullet. Veteran cast member Jason Sudeikis will return for its upcoming season. The actor was...
  19. Television

    Seth MacFarlane to host season premiere of SNL

    The upcoming season of SNL has a great lineup of guest hosts. But for the first time in a long time, the cast list is the biggest...
  20. Television

    Abby Elliott says farewell to SNL

    The cast of Saturday Night Live is getting gutted like a fish. Another actor is leaving the long-running series. Abby Elliott has...