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    VIDEO: Samuel L. Jackson destroys reporter

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    Samuel L. Jackson let a television reporter have it over a major case of mistaken identity.
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Samuel L. Jackson: The one role the actor refuses to play

    Samuel L. Jackson says he will never kiss another guy on camera, not even for acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino. Here's why the...
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    David Hasselhoff: Samuel L. Jackson is not Nick Fury

    David Hasselhoff played Nick Fury before it was ever Samuel L. Jackson's role in The Avengers . But the Hoff decided to speak up,...
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    Reports: Taylor Swift cast in big-budget spy movie

    Taylor Swift has conquered the music world, and it looks like she wants to make the leap into movies as well. If the rumors are...
  5. Movies & Reviews

    Turbo movie review: The gastropod mollusk speedway

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    Turbo, an underdog snail voiced by actor Ryan Reynolds, turns into a supercharged racing machine after a freak accident. He makes...
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    Our 4 favorite MTV Movie Awards categories

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    With the MTV Movie Awards airing this Sunday, April 14 at 9/8c, there are a few award categories we're particularly anxious to...
  7. Celebrity Gossip

    Samuel L. Jackson insists white reporter use the N-word

    Jake Hamilton refused to say the N-word to Samuel L. Jackson's face, and, well, Jackson made the rest of the interview very, very...
  8. Movies & Reviews

    Django Unchained movie review: Bold and bloody

    Quentin Tarantino takes on slavery in this wildly violent love story set in antebellum south. Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio face...
  9. Movies & Reviews

    Leonardo DiCaprio injured on set, kept filming

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    While playing a villain in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained , Leo sliced his hand open but never yelled, "Cut." Read more about...
  10. Television

    SNL 's Sandy Hook tribute

    Last weekend, Saturday Night Live showed some heart and still managed to bust guts. If you haven't seen it yet, grab tissues before...
  11. Television

    Did Samuel L. Jackson drop the F-Bomb on SNL ?

    The actor was one of the many guest stars Saturday night on the last new episode of SNL this year, but it looks like he may have...
  12. Movies & Reviews

    Jamie Foxx fights for justice in new Django Unchained trailer

    The South is rising. Jamie Foxx stars as Django and it'd be in your best interest to stay one step outside of his crosshairs.
  13. Movies & Reviews

    Django Unchained poster release

    Jamie Foxx teams up with Tarantino on a journey for life, liberty and the pursuit of vengeance.
  14. Celebrity Gossip

    Harrison Ford, POTUS? Top 3 vote-getting fictional presidents

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    Friends are being “unfriended” on Facebook left and right in the face of the 2012 presidential election, due to hard lines drawn in...
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    Obama to Madonna: Could you just not?

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    It’s election year and — perhaps more than ever — celebrities are lining up in droves to pledge their allegiance to their political...
  16. Celebrity Gossip

    Samuel L. Jackson's Kanye West moment as Isaac looms

    Samuel L. Jackson has been mum on Twitter Tuesday morning -- the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans. This...
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    Top 5 DVDs: Horror, drama and romance

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    This week’s top five DVD picks include romance, drama, horror and a host of great acting. Curl up on the couch for a hot summer...
  18. Movies & Reviews

    The Avengers trailer breaks download record

    The trailer for the long-awaited multiple superhero movie The Avengers broke records with 13.7 million views in the first 24 hours.
  19. Entertainment

    Samuel L. Jackson's colorful Obama endorsement

    Samuel L. Jackson just isn't that into "the issues." You know, like the fixing the economy, lowering taxes and improving public...
  20. Movies & Reviews

    Leonardo DiCaprio is the Candie Man

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    Leonardo DiCaprio may go to the dark side in Quentin Tarantino’s next film. The Oscar-nominated actor is in early talks to star in...