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    Sam Worthington & stalkerazzi: Are celeb reactions justified?

    Avatar star Sam Worthington was arrested Sunday for alleged assault against a paparazzo, adding to a long list of...
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Sam Worthington is tired of the paps, punches one in the face

    Sam Worthington has taught a paparazzo a serious lesson: Don't mess with the people he loves or you will get punched in the face.
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    Movie review: Wrath of the Titans

    Sam Worthington is back as the gritty Greek demigod Perseus, who must reconcile with his lightning-powered father Zeus in order to...
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    Man Candy Mondays: Sam Worthington

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    A recipe for Sam Worthington might go a little something like this: a heaping cup of rough-around-the-edges everyman with a dash of...
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    Movie review: Man on a Ledge

    Hot and scruffy Sam Worthington, who plays an ex-cop on the run, takes a leap of faith in hopes of clearing his tarnished name in...
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    Sam Worthington: Women usually run from me

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    The scruffy Aussie Sam Worthington opens up (or tries to!) about his sex appeal while promoting his new action thriller Man on a...
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    Man on a Ledge : Free movie tickets!

    SheKnows snags you free passes to see Sam Worthington’s new action thriller Man on a Ledge, all you have to do is click to R.S.V.P!
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    Sam Worthington's hairy look in Wrath of the Titans trailer

    Sam Worthington is back for another assault on Greek mythology. We're getting our first look at Warner Bros.' 2012 action sequel,...
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    See Sam Worthington go criminal in Man on a Ledge

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    Sam Worthington threatens to end it all in the upcoming Man on a Ledge. Does Elizabeth Banks save the day?