salad dressing recipes

  1. Meatless Recipes

    Meatless Monday: Bok choy and quinoa salad with edamame and spicy soy-ginger dressing

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    This salad is hearty enough for a meal, and you might be able to use leftovers to make it. You'll love the combo of flavors and...
  2. Dieting & Nutrition

    Oils that totally beat olive oil's health benefits

    You've heard before that olive oil is a heart-healthy oil for cooking, baking, salad dressings and stir-fries. However, did you know...
  3. Dieting & Nutrition

    Healthy recipe: Raw organic superfood kale salad

    Raw kale superfood salad is packed with some amazingly healthy ingredients. Paired with homemade dressing, you won't want to miss this!
  4. Quick Meal Ideas

    Warm Thai chicken salad with creamy ginger dressing

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    Fresh greens, crunchy cashews and warm chicken are the base for this delicious salad. Drizzle it with homemade ginger dressing for a...
  5. Healthy Recipes & Nutrition

    Bean-medley salad and lemon-tahini dressing

    Serve this triple-bean salad with a creamy lemon-tahini dressing for a quick weeknight meal or for easy entertaining.
  6. Dieting & Nutrition

    Salad dressing secrets: How to avoid sabotaging your greens

    A crisp, refreshing salad sounds like a healthy choice for those watching their weight, eating to nourish their body and those who...
  7. Healthy Recipes & Nutrition

    Crab and spinach salad with jalapeño vinaigrette

    Now that it's too hot to turn on the oven, and our gardens are overflowing with beautiful jalapeños, this quick and easy summer...
  8. School Food

    Salad kabobs with dressing dip

    Can't get your kids to eat their vegetables? Forget putting them in a bowl and skewer their salad instead! We can't guarantee your...
  9. Healthy Recipes & Nutrition

    Strawberry avocado salad with poppy seed dressing

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    Fresh sliced strawberries, avocado and fresh greens are combined with a sweet poppy seed dressing for a salad your whole family will...
  10. Gluten Free Recipes

    Gluten-free Friday: Spinach and white bean salad with creamy avocado dressing

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    When you switch up the flavors and ingredients for salads, the sky is the limit for great taste. This Gluten-free Friday salad...
  11. Easy Dinner Recipes

    Boston lettuce salad with warm bacon vinaigrette

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    This salad is full of mushrooms, pickled red onion, hard-boiled eggs and bacon. It will be your new go-to salad for lunch or dinner.
  12. Entertaining

    Christmas caprese salad with brown sugar balsamic dressing recipe

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    The beautiful red and green colors in this salad are perfect for your Christmas dinner. Cherry tomatoes and fresh mozzarella pearls...
  13. Low Fat Recipes

    DIY salad dressing tips

    Although store-bought salad dressings are convenient and tasty, nothing compares to homemade. Plus, making your own dressing can...
  14. Quick Meal Ideas

    Summer strawberry salad with maple balsamic dressing

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    This healthy salad is full of sweet strawberries, tangy Gorgonzola cheese and crunchy pecans topped with a delicious maple balsamic...
  15. Quick Meal Ideas

    2 Simple, delicious prime rib recipes

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    These days, it seems like everything has a day. Prime rib is no exception. Celebrate National Prime Rib Day on April 27 with your...