safe driving tips

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    5 Ways to road-proof your teen driver

    Worried about handing over the keys to your teenager? You're not being an overprotective mother. According to the National Highway...
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    10 Ways to avoid an accident

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    Today, 90 people in the U.S. will get in their cars, give their sweetheart a kiss and drive off, not knowing this is the day they...
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    The how and why of rollovers

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    Rollovers are the deadliest kind of car accident, responsible for more than 10,000 fatalities each year. Learn why rollover...
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    How to recover from a skid

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    Would you know what to do if your vehicle went into skid? We asked driving pro Eddie Wren for his lifesaving tips. His advice? Learn...
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    Chill out: How to overcome road rage

    A recent AAA Foundation study found aggressive driving played a role in more than 50 percent of all fatal crashes. The next time...
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    How to stop a hydroplane

    What would you do if your tires hit water and you lost all control of steering and braking? Take precautions and make sure you never...