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    Russell Brand wants to win the 'shagging Olympic medal'

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    Even though Brand was the one who wanted to settle down in his marriage, it looks like divorce has turned him into a bachelor. He...
  2. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    Are Russell Brand and Geri Halliwell a couple?

    After the two found themselves performing at the Olympics closing ceremony together, a new friendship started. But how much further...
  3. Music

    4 VMA hosts who dropped the ball

    With the VMAs scheduled for Sept. 6, we’re haunted with memories of ghosts from hosts past. These MTV award shows are a massive...
  4. Television

    4 Potentially awkward things that could happen at the VMAs

    The 2012 MTV VMAs air live Sept. 6, and — if past years are any indication — the night seems destined to deliver a steady stream of...
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    Stars we hope follow Jennifer Aniston to happily ever after

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    Once upon a time, a beautiful actress rode off into the sunset with a charming suitor. Ah, if only more Hollywood romances played...
  6. Celebrity Relationships

    Psychic love predictions for Hollywood's hottest couples

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    With all of their breakups, makeups and relationship drama, who can possibly know what's next for our favorite A-list stars? As much...
  7. Olympics

    Which British acts will be at the Closing Ceremonies?

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    We are just a few short days away from the end of the 2012 Summer Games. But before it ends, the Closing Ceremony has to be the...
  8. Television

    FX boss talks Louie, Anger Management, Wilfred

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    FX's president talks about the new season, and which shows will continue and which ones they are not quite sure about yet.
  9. Celebrity Gossip

    Russell Brand sentenced for "phone rage"

    Russell Brand took a photographer's phone and through it through a window back in March, and today, he found out his punishment.
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    Russell Brand breaks down his marriage breakdown

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    Russell Brand told Howard Stern why his marriage to Katy Perry fell apart -- and in the nicest way possible pretty much blamed it...
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    Playing Cupid for Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise and Mr. Gibson

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    Celebrity marriages are dropping like flies in Beverly Hills, leaving some of 90210’s most eligible up for grabs. Since these celebs...
  12. Entertainment

    Is a baby responsible for Katy Perry and Russell Brand's split?

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    According to a few scenes in Katy Perry's new movie, it's looking like Brand may have left her because she was not ready to have...
  13. Movies & Reviews

    Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D movie review -- hope rules

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    This candy-punk princess will inspire you and steal your heart. From gospel to kissing girls, Katy is full of hope, talent and big...
  14. Television

    Russell Brand show: Think British alien in America

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    What in the world is Russell Brand's TV show going to be about? A solid question, considering the actor/comedian explains Brand X...
  15. Music

    Katy Perry opens up about her divorce & record label

    Katy Perry is getting ready for the launch of her 3D concert film Part of Me . But in a new interview, she opens up about her past...
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    Rock of Ages or Flop of Ages?

    Musicals are an acquired taste. You have to accept that the actors are going use any excuse to break in song. These Sesame Street...
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    Rock of Ages movie review: sex, laughs and rock 'n' roll

    Set in 1987, this movie is a rock-and-roll fairy tale about a sweet little girl with big hair lost in a metal-band wonderland. Full...
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    Courteney Cox and David Arquette: How to remain Friends

    The recent rash of celebrity engagements sadly makes many think about celebrity divorces. Those of us raised on fairy tales (why did...
  19. Entertainment

    Russell Brand opens up about Katy Perry

    Brand opens up about their relationship, how he still loves Katy and how sometimes things just don't work out.
  20. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    Katy Perry refuses to take ex out of Part of Me

    To Russell Brand's dismay, Katy Perry is keeping him in her biopic Part of Me and, perhaps for the British comedian anyway,...